The other day my mother commented I should write a book of poetry. It was a surprising statement. But being that she’s my mother, I have to objectively take her […]

Well the annual summer drama of another Greek tragedy is unfolding once again. Europeans usually love to laze and sunbath in the summers, but this perennial Greek drama seems to […]

Kinda Humble Pie

Well the Warriors finally won the NBA basketball championships for the first time in 40 years last night. It’s nearly longer than I’ve been alive and frankly I thought it […]

I’m so confident about tonight’s game 6 of the NBA championship series that I wrote this blog before the game even transpired. I posted this at around 6:50 pm Cleveland […]

Well, to my surprise, I awoke Monday morning. Sunday night proved to be the most interesting of my life. Either I’m Lazareth, rising from the dead, or a feline with […]

My Mother asked me to write a poem about her after reading the poem Marina: Through the years your hand held gently on my shoulder, never heavy but always felt. […]


I do not run from love; it is with me always, nestled between the memories of our kiss and warmth of your eyes; softening the rigid walls of my aching […]