Song of the Day I love this song by Train, Bulletproof Picasso. I thought maybe it might be soothing to listen to music while you read :-) Train is a […]

Rainbows and Fairy-tales

Today the weather is damn crazy. The rain is coming down hard, but sparsely. The high winds are driving the rain drops like pellets. The sun is also shining. The […]

While the Liberals and Democrats go on whining about our Democratic process and refusing to acknowledge reality, a number of very significant developments are happening worldwide. This is not something […]

This is a story I have never shared with anyone my entire life. It’s something that I’ve held deep within me for so long. When I was a little boy […]

About 4 or 5 months ago, I spent some time with my cousins in the central coast of California. My cousin and his three beautiful children are as close to […]

Today is Thanksgiving, and my mind reflects back to all the amazing good fortune in my life and gifts I’ve been given. I’ve been very lucky, fortunate, and blessed. A […]