This will very likely be my last blog on the Greek situation (75% chance). Well the ECB did increase the bank lending support yesterday, following the Greek parliament passage of the […]

Einstein was a genius and probably smarter than anyone alive today. But even geniuses make mistakes and get things wrong, because they base their work on the body of knowledge […]

Non-Determinism: What is Free Will?

We often hear the phrase “Free Will”, but what does it mean? Determinism is a calculable phenomenon. Let’s imagine we had a supercomputer that had infinite computing power and infinite memory […]

The GREK index has fallen back to where it started when I recommended it, as initial euphoria has faded to worry that the deal may not happen; the Devil’s in […]

Today’s price action for GREK (index which tracks Greece’s stock market) was a bit strange. Pre-market the index was up almost 10% to nearly $12.50 on news of the EU […]

About 12 hours after I wrote the blog “Some things will never change”, outlining the European saga and maintaining my prediction that a resolution will be reached still – despite […]

It’s a strange thing. If you spend some time traveling throughout Europe, you begin to realize how shockingly different the culture and mindset is from country to country, even when […]