Gee, not too much of a shocker. The Fed cowered again and left rates at zero. Yesterday I outlined my reasons why I don’t listen to anything they say anymore, […]

Ok, I thought I would revisit this topic. Some time ago, I made a terrible calculation regarding the GREK stock index, expecting a profound jump once the political resolution was […]

As long as mankind exists, we will always discriminate, always be somewhat racist, sexist, and more. It’s the most human of our flaws – the need for superiority; the need […]

Imagine two different teenage girls, completely opposite in nearly every way. Let’s call them Mary and Jane. I’ve tried to intentionally mix up the stereotypes: Mary is Black, brilliant, completely […]

Everyone really should read this blog, even if you know nothing about economics or even hate the topic.  Earlier I wrote a sarcastic blog saying economists are always right. It […]

Today we got some encouraging economic news. Second quarter revised GDP came in better than previously thought, showing a strong 3.7% growth and better than the initial reading previously reported […]

After just a brutal last week and a follow through massive sell-off Monday, everyone and their mother’s expected a respectable dead-cat bounce today. I personally expected to regain about half […]

Yes, economist’s are always right. But that’s only because they change their opinion and views after the fact, and always cover every possibility. Hindsight is always 100% right. And when […]