A couple days ago the Muslim ritual of Ramadan started. Everyday for 30 days Muslims fast, able to eat only after sunset. I asked a young Muslim man why it’s […]

Well, to my surprise, I awoke Monday morning. Sunday night proved to be the most interesting of my life. Either I’m Lazareth, rising from the dead, or a feline with […]

Kurding with the Kurds

I have no idea what “kurding” means, but since I made it up, it now means a form of Turkish Kurd Party. Last night I met up with my German […]

Komunist Replublica!!

Yes I understand that the title is an oxymoron; it’s intended for humor sake which you will understand later in this blog. Taxim is the true city center of Istanbul, […]

My daily blog from my iPhone: Well I just flew into Istanbul today so no wild adventures yet really. When I landed in Istanbul, and after waiting forever in immigration […]