Today I discovered a pretty amazing Christmas tradition of the Slovak people here in Bratislava. Every Christmas, each family always reserves one empty chair during Christmas dinner. If a random […]

Alcohol and Rape

I came across this article regarding college campus rape and drinking. I’m sure this happens every day across America. Sadly. It reminded me of a personal story which I share […]

The Will To Fight

Over a month ago, I met a couple of young girls. My friend and I were sitting outside at McDonald’s talking and joking, and these two girls were jabbering and […]

Last night was an interesting social observation. At one of the club tables sat 3 girls. One girl came up to me at the bar, highly drunk, incredibly flirtatious and […]

Well last night had to be one of the more intriguing of recent memory. Oddly interesting. Life is better than a box of chocolates. After being couped up in my […]

Why My Life is Like an Infant

(I should warn you this blog is a bit tasteless humor in the beginning. You’ve been forewarned! But the second half is about life experiences with a moral colorbook) These […]