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Another Day In Paradise

Every day I can’t believe how amazing Santa Barbara is. It really is paradise. Today I went to the beach and walked on the pier. The pier is one of […]

Jason Bourne Movie Review

I went to see the movie Jason Bourne today, mostly because I was feeling a bit down about having my bike stolen. It’s the latest in the self titled series […]

Feeling Violated and Angry!

Yesterday, I had my mountain bike stolen – outside the library of all places, in broad daylight. It was locked up with a very nice and thick combination lock. It […]

Viva La Fiesta!!

This week was the biggest party of the year in Santa Barbara. It’s a weeklong Fiesta celebration, culminating in a massive parade on Friday along downtown State street. For a […]

The Hysteria Over Guns

I don’t own any guns. Nor do I currently have any desire to do so. But few things stir as much passion in people than the topic of guns. (But […]

Today I discovered a pretty amazing Christmas tradition of the Slovak people here in Bratislava. Every Christmas, each family always reserves one empty chair during Christmas dinner. If a random […]

Well, today is going to be a complete social media rant. Kids, plug your ears ’cause it could get nasty. Today is Christmas eve here in Bratislava. And the Slovakians […]