Book/Website and Short Stories

Ok, this is a short Christmas story I decided to write. I admit it’s a bit sappy and lame, but I hope you enjoy it :-) —————————————– Joshua woke up […]

[I decided to post a section from chapter 9 of my book Iron, Not Wood, along with some edits and modification. It’s an early section of chapter 9.] It’s interesting […]

A friend of mine commented about my pickup lines I wrote about today and I thought, “Huh? What pickup lines?” She was referring to my lighthearted chapter 10. I had […]

Frankly I’ve been surprised and perplexed why people sign up and register to So far nearly 1,000 users have registered (of the nearly 5,000 unique visitors) – mostly in […]

Every single event, action, and deed in this world is interrelated and connected. There are no isolated events in our universe. Not a single one. Whether it’s physics or biology, […]