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Ahah!! (Updated)

A couple days ago, in my blog Revenge of the Nerds (at the end), I wrote about the future of displays and briefly talked about how future displays would be […]

Revenge of the Nerds

In 1984, the comedy Revenge of the Nerds came out. It’s just stupidly funny. Microsoft’s HoloLens virtual reality set reminds me more of something that belongs in a new sequel […]

I watched the movie “Terminator Genesys” last night, starring our beloved aged “but not obsolete” Arnold Schwarzenegger. Bluntly speaking, it kinda stunk. It was a desperate money grab to capitalize […]

A recent study by several highly respected universities,¬†¬†Stanford, Princeton and Berkeley, showed animals with vertebrates (backbones) were going extinct 114 times faster than during previous periods; entering the “sixth great […]