WTF is Wrong with Us?

It’s just damn sad – no pathetic – when we can’t even enjoy a silly popular TV show or movie because we’re so goddamn afraid what someone else might think. […]

Peurto Rico has been in dire straights financially for several years now. Today they announced they cannot and will not pay their debt. It will be the largest default of […]

This coming week the Greek drama will get very interesting. On Monday, or sometime this week, Greek banks will very likely shut down temporarily (perhaps for a few days), since, […]

Well the annual summer drama of another Greek tragedy is unfolding once again. Europeans usually love to laze and sunbath in the summers, but this perennial Greek drama seems to […]

Kurding with the Kurds

I have no idea what “kurding” means, but since I made it up, it now means a form of Turkish Kurd Party. Last night I met up with my German […]

Komunist Replublica!!

Yes I understand that the title is an oxymoron; it’s intended for humor sake which you will understand later in this blog. Taxim is the true city center of Istanbul, […]