Do you believe in angels? Magnificent creatures, Soaring in the heavens. You have the soul of an angel. The smile of innocence. Green eyes I could get lost in, forever. […]

The waters shimmer under the incandescent glow of your smile. A midnight dance under the sparkle of night. Through passing storms and flow of seasons, the delight seems endless, an […]

Farewell, my lady, As the clock ticks Twelve. Piercing rings of echos, Metal slamming metal, Invisible vibrations Coming to remind me: The crossing is at hand, Behind the haze of […]

Goodnight my Dear Sweet. The night calls for me, finally. I will miss the tickle of your tongue; the glow of your full moon eyes; the unique giggle of your […]

Yesterday, we laughed and cried; danced and played. Emotions soared; our eyes spoke, and our lips met. Our tears healed; and our laughs evaporated the sorrows of life. My broken […]

One magical moment, twenty-one years ago today. When a seed of happiness was planted deep in the hearts of all those yet to meet you. And one day, the seed […]

My Name is Sarah. I am small. My tiny fingers are too weak to grasp or fight. But I feel your tickle, and giggle when you poke me. I like […]

There’s a wall. It stands between us. Rigid. Unmoved. It is thick. Like a moat between our lives. There’s a door. Connected to the wall. Squeaky. Unpolished. It swivels with […]