Song Of The Day Today’s song of the day is from Queen, We Are The Champions. It’s the only song fit for this blog. A classic, loved by all. Enjoy. […]

I do not fear death, but dying is hard. So I wait, unable to make it hurry; as my soul withers on the vine. My body, frail, aches into the […]

Last year my mother suggested I write a poetry book after reading some of my poems from the book and blog. My mother never knew that I liked to write […]

Love Is The Reason

This poem is from Chapter 12: Love, the Eternal Quest (Iron, not Wood).   Love is the Reason Love is the only reason for life Love makes life’s colors vibrant […]

How can I forget? Memories I wish I could erase, with the dull end of a vividly pointed pencil writing my life scroll. The words chiseled, raised on the long […]

What makes us who we are? Is it our dreams? Our aspirations; our optimism? Is it our accomplishments? Our deeds, and words? Is it our possessions and money? Do these […]

What are we? Are we merely microscopic bricks and “mud”, held together by invisible bonds? Are we an empty shell, organic substance filling a mortar, waiting to be ground into […]