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Merry Christmas

Another Season It’s hard to believe it’s been another year already. It baffles the mind. Well, here’s an extra Christmas song to bring holiday cheer! Millions – All I Want […]

Song of the Day I love this song by Train, Bulletproof Picasso. I thought maybe it might be soothing to listen to music while you read :-) Train is a […]

Well I was pretty bored today while I was listening to my music playlist and I thought, “What the hell, let’s share some of my music playlist.” So here it […]

Jason Bourne Movie Review

I went to see the movie Jason Bourne today, mostly because I was feeling a bit down about having my bike stolen. It’s the latest in the self titled series […]

Never Let Me Go movie review

I watched the movie Never Let Me Go recently (released 2010) without knowing much about it. I quickly found myself deeply engrossed in the story, despite the fact it’s about […]

Pacman vs Selfless

I went to the movies in Kiev. First of all, it’s amazing how cheap it is to go to the movies here. I spent about $5 for two tickets, one […]

I watched the movie “Terminator Genesys” last night, starring our beloved aged “but not obsolete” Arnold Schwarzenegger. Bluntly speaking, it kinda stunk. It was a desperate money grab to capitalize […]