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Alcohol and Rape

I came across this article regarding college campus rape and drinking. I’m sure this happens every day across America. Sadly. It reminded me of a personal story which I share […]

Warfare is changing. Wars are completely different today than in previous generations. Of course, warfare is constantly evolving and has been throughout history as technology changes. But today’s wars are […]

There’s a wall. It stands between us. Rigid. Unmoved. It is thick. Like a moat between our lives. There’s a door. Connected to the wall. Squeaky. Unpolished. It swivels with […]

The Depths of War

Slava Ukrayini! Heroyam slava! Every Ukrainian understands these heavy words. It is the rallying cry of a nation lost in the shadows of war; the renewed meaning has added depth, often darkened […]

Yes, I’ve lost all credibility. This blog doesn’t exist. But then again, the wind blows capriciously, so why can’t we sometimes? Predictable is boring.  If my last blog was the […]

Forest Gump Meets Twins!

A few cities ago, when I was still in Belgrade, I spent more than 12 hours at the river beach called Ada. It’s really not a river but an artificial […]