NFL Playoff Predictions Week #2

Well, last week I was perfect in my predictions, going 4-0 in the NFL and 1-0 in College football, picking Clemson to defeat unbeaten Alabama in the championship game. (BTW, […]

As I walked toward the library today, I saw a black bird sitting on the sidewalk, quivering gently. It didn’t move as I approached, which surprised me. So I stopped […]

Song Of The Day Today’s song of the day is from Queen, We Are The Champions. It’s the only song fit for this blog. A classic, loved by all. Enjoy. […]

Well, it’s been a long time since I talked about the stock market. I don’t keep daily tabs on the global markets anymore. I used to do it religiously and […]

Song Of The Day Today’s song of the day is called National Anthem by The Gaslight Anthem, which is the first song on the playlist below. No, it’s not the […]

Songs of the Day Today’s song of the day is an entire playlist! I downloaded an app called Audio MP3 Editor and it allows all kinds of cool stuff. I […]

The Playoffs Are Here!

Song of the Day Well, given the playoffs are here, with college football starting today, and the NFL starting next week, the song from The Script, Hall of Fame, seems […]