Hope For Tomorrow

Today’s Songs of the Day

I love the little known artist Klingande, one of my favs. Klinande is a Deep House French DJ who employs a lot of piano and saxophone in his art. I love these two songs below.

It’s nice sometimes to enjoy something that’s a bit of an alternative to today’s constant Rap and Hip-Hop. Enjoy.

Klingande – Losing U

Klingande – Hope for Tomorrow 


Hope For Tomorrow 

It’s been a long time since I wrote a blog – intentionally so. I’ve been working on suppressing my self-serving ego, trying to be more humble. It ain’t easy!

I’ve also decided it’s time for major changes. For one, and my friends will need to sit down for this doozy, I’ve decided to not have sex for 3 years!!! Yes, celibate as a nun – as in I’m getting none, zero, zilch. It will last through the end of 2018, an eternity away.

Why in god’s name would I do such a crazy thing? Because women have always been my number one weakness, an insatiable need for female validation and intimacy. This was my primary reason why all my relationships failed, including my marriage. I need to know that I can and will be self-controlled; that my will should decide my destiny, instead of my emotions or fleeting desires, or my weaknesses. I think it’s the most fundamental thing in my life for self-improvement, and well worth the sacrifice. And I need to learn to be content with just myself, independent of anyone or any relationships.

But, holy smoking Jesus, this is hard! You can’t imagine; especially considering my history. Oh, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to stray, and I still like to engage innocent flirtation. One super-cute and sexy half Japanese and half White woman recently told me, “You’re very handsome,” her hands constantly rubbing my thigh as we sat next to each other. Cold showers are useful sometimes. Haha.

People always focus on changing things in their lives like stopping smoking or drinking, or other superficial self-improvement resolutions. But frankly, I think these things are far less important (unless you’re an alcoholic and it’s hurting your  life). Changing our character or personality is a lot harder, especially the older we get. But I’m determined; I must.

We can have all the hope we want in our lives, wishing for a better tomorrow, but if we don’t change the things in our lives that will enable that better Tomorrow, then we’re just fooling ourselves, lying to others, and dreaming in fantasy land.


Trump, The Anti-Christ?

Long before Trump was elected president, I joked that Donald Trump was the Anti-Christ, a somewhat humorous remark considering that I’m not Christian, nor believe in the Bible, especially as prophetic material. I made this comment because he was so peculiar, none of the rules and norms seemed to apply to him, as it does with everyone else. He is the definition or Mr. Teflon.

Strangely, I’m actually even more convinced of this now, because I can’t seem to figure out what he is, or how to describe him – even though I find him to be highly predictable in his behavior, contrary to what all the experts say.

Everything Trump does is driven by a few very simple beliefs and goals, in this precise order: winning/strength, prosperity/money, and desire/need to be loved by all (but not at the sacrifice of losing or failing to deliver prosperity). Look at everything he does and says through this prism.

Remember, I have been right about every prediction about Trump, and every shocking  election prediction in the past 3 years globally (which I’ve written), while his pundits and so-called “experts” have been universally and utterly wrong. Go ahead and believe them over me.

Mark my works, Trump will EASILY win re-election. His utter dismal approval ratings will skyrocket before the end of his first term. The biased media will retreat faster than a WWII French battalion, piling onto the Trump bandwagon. Democrats who have relentlessly opposed Trump will get caught with their pants down, around the ankles, tripping on their faces as they try to run away from their words. The economy will prosper like it hasn’t for decades, defying ALL expectations and sensibilities. Americans and the world will ultimately see he is not racist, just pragmatic and pro-America and pro-prosperity for every American. Blacks and Hispanics and minority’s will ultimately finally realize that it is the Democratic party that plays with race for political gain, and that Trump’s policies are actually good for them.

I guarantee it. Let me repeat that, I guarantee it.

I wrote before that a massive recession was coming in 2017. After Trump got elected and promised his tax reform, I stated the structural changes would delay this recession by 3-5 years. Now, I’m modifying that to: as long as Trump is in office, there will not be a recession or global depression. So, likely, at least until 2024, perhaps longer.

I’ve been very bullish on the stocks and economy since Trump won. (See my prior blogs). I expect it will continue. There are massive and structural changes happening in the US economy now that will change everything, including much higher wages for the struggling classes. Even his stance on immigration should be taken in light of this backdrop.

You don’t have to believe me now, because the facts will become evident over time, I assure you.

So all of this brings me back to the initial question, if Trump is the devil himself, someone who will be hated initially, but ultimately loved by “ALL”, then who or what is the Devil? And who is God? And how could so many Christian conservatives be duped into supporting this man? Ahhh, what an enigma.

The world will fall in love with Trump, as sure as the sun will rise. It seems like an impossibility right now, doesn’t it? But so did winning the Republican nomination, or winning the Presidency. People are absolutely convinced Trump will epically fail. The same people who continue to employ the same strategy that didn’t work the previous times.

My question is, is Trump’s success, America’s prosperity and rebirth, a good thing or bad? It all depends on your perspective, what you believe is important.

Or maybe all of this is just biblical mythology, heretical bullshit. I guess only time will tell.

…Time to get ready for the Super Bowl! Go Pats, although Eagles probably pull out an upset by 4 points.