What An Insane World

I don’t  like Republicans. I dislike Democrats even more. I pretty much despise every politician who has been in office more than 6 years. Politics should never be a career. And the term “Public Servant” has to be the greatest false label ever.

Is it any wonder why every single democracy always fails throughout history? Always. Every one.

But the truth is, they fail not because of politicians, but because of us, the people. So, we should actually be sick of ourselves, not politicians. They are the cancer, but we’re the toxin that causes cancer.

What do I mean?

People have a memory about as long as a fuse on a stick of dynamite. It’s so bad, we forget we lit the fuse in the first place, eventually blowing ourselves up in a cloud of smoke. We dash from one crisis to another, without truly resolving any; we can’t seem to think beyond the immediate; we demand fixes and solutions but cannot accept sacrifice or pain to achieve them. In short, we behave just as we are – selfish. So, one generation steals from the next. One group takes from another. Nobody is willing to sacrifice or give up something, anything. We can see systemic problems that are about to collapse altogether, but none – or very few – are willing to accept the pain that must come with addressing and fixing these. Kick the can down the road. Again. The end of the road is piling up with aluminum cans as high as the Tower of Babel. But as long as the streets in front of us are clean, nobody really cares.

If you were an alien observing our race of irrational idiots, what would you think?

We’re all guilty. Yet none of us accepts any blame, except to despise the politicians who reflect our very own nature.

Yes, America will fail one day. It has zero chance of lasting another two hundred years. Zero. In fact, every democracy around the world will fail. It’s too late. We’ve already done irreparable damage.

But let’s put politics aside for now. Forget about what part of the political spectrum you sit on. Forget about labels or ideology for just a minute. Let’s talk about facts. Data.

Can we do that? Can we act as grown adults for just a minute or two, without spitting in someone’s face because we disagree politically? Without painting derogatory and racist graffiti on our superstar athletes? Without closing our ears and silencing others who disagree politically or religiously or economically with shouting or angry political protests? Without rioting or looting, or killing minorities or police? Can we stop for a minute and stop just thinking about ourselves? Can we ever truly be honest about anything?

We have too much debt. As a country, as a world; as an individual consumer, as a household, as a city, as a state, and as a nation. It can never be paid back. Mathematically impossible. We steal from tomorrow, from our children, from future generations, to enjoy today. I’m not even going to spit out actual numbers anymore – what’s the point – it seems to make no difference to people. These numbers are all fricking huge, relative to economic size, relative to incomes, relative to per capita, relative to everything. Trillion is a big number. Adding up all the global debts, including things like unfunded liabilities from legal commitments like pensions, the global total will soon surpass a quadrillion dollars – the number after a trillion, a thousand times larger than a trillion.

And yet, debt is rising exponentially still. Faster than ever. And of course, people cry murder when any politician wants to cut any spending, or reform anything like social security, medicare – hell, anything. That’s really rational behavior. Who’s really to blame here?

Yes, the debt will collapse on us. It will destroy us. We will be left with an economic Armageddon. But of course, nobody wants to believe that. Not based on any facts or data. It’s just their opinion and hope, of course. Makes people feel better.

We have too many people too. All this crap about Paris Climate Accord and climate change, destroying the environment, blah blah…the root cause is there are too many people. We all know this.

Two hundred years ago, we had about one billion people in the entire world. Now we’re above seven billion and quickly heading to ten billion. Is it any wonder we’re stripping the earth naked of all it’s resources? Who wants to live without electricity, or smart phones, or TVs, or convenient processed foods?

Nobody wants to die. Everybody is trying to live forever, willing to spend hundreds of thousands or millions on medicines that will prolong an aging life by days or months.

Procreating seems to be the one thing we are all born to do. More babies.

Until we start reversing this population trend, or at least flattening it, it doesn’t matter what we do to recycle, reduce carbon emissions, blah blah. These are all emotional solutions to satisfy our sense of guilt, to make us feel like we’re addressing the problem. Again, really rational behavior. Too many people, needing too many things to sustain ourselves, is the culprit behind all of these environmental issues. All of them. We’re addicted to comfort.

Yesterday, the world was up in arms over the US deciding to exit the Paris Climate Agreement. “We’re all f*”, the media and experts warned – in so many words. You have to be a naive fool to believe the Paris Accord would have changed anything. Human nature is inherently short-sighted and selfish, and an agreement without teeth – there were no mandates, only voluntary targets, without punitive elements for failure. The fact that some 195 countries or so signed up meant nothing; it was purely a political stunt show to make us all feel like progress was being made; we were doing something. And, of course, every developing country loved this accord because it is one of the biggest transfer of wealth programs in history, to the tune of 100 billion dollars. Who’s gonna refuse free money? And, of course, we know that corruption  and fraud doesn’t exist in developing and third-world countries. Oh, never. I’m  sure the money will go to environmental improvements. So the program has no teeth or accountability, takes up to $100 billion from American and Western taxpayers,  to give to corrupt regimes looking for free handouts. Meanwhile, we can’t  even afford to provide basic health insurance to all Americans. Optics 1, Change 0.

Politicians – hence “we the people” – care more about “optics” than substance. I hate that word, “optics”. People care more about how something appears, is perceived, than how things truly are, or the substance. Again, really rational.

The funniest part is, I say this sarcastically, that the people who are the loudest about climate change – the Hollywood elites, Politicians, the global wealthy elites and CEOs – these people cry foul and tell us WE need to cut carbon emissions, while they fly around in private jets, live in hundred thousand square foot mansions, drive a fleet of expensive cars and SUVs, with electricity bills that could light up a small city. Again, someone else, everyone else – besides ME – must do something to fix this calamitous problem that is on the verge of annihilating the planet (sarcasm). Of course these scientists and elites have been saying the same thing for decades, making the same dire predictions which were so absurdly and embarrassingly off, never came to fruition, but now we should all stop everything and believe them. Again.

I’m trying to keep this apolitical and not be partisan, but people seem to have a short fuse of a memory.

I’ve also become bewildered at the hatred in politics today. It’s the cool thing to hate Trump these days. He seems to be the devil himself, according to many, and nearly all the media.  After all, clearly Trump is the root cause of all of our collective woes. Things were so perfect before he assumed the White House, right? Let’s make things right by relentlessly bashing Trump, anyone politically or socially affiliated with him, his wife, his children, his associates, his businesses…did I leave anything out? The media loves to say how inappropriate Trump is, or his unpolished and offensive words, or how Lucy his [you fill in the label here: racist, sexist, xenophobe, etc] policies are, and so on. And yet, every single day, I see words and offenses and actions that are considerably worse by those who despise him. Stupid me, I forgot that two wrongs do make a right! They scream about how much Trump is infecting the country with hatred, and yet, all I hear and see daily on the news and media is hatred by those who oppose him – I mean, serious vitriol. Liberal protesters spitting at someone just because they support Trump. College campuses refusing to allow conservative or differing opinions be heard – to the point that they resort to violence, rioting, screaming? And yet, the media holds none of these actions or views accountable. It’s somehow Trump’s fault. Really rational.

One week I decided to make a list of all the news headlines in a variety of media outlets that involved Trump or his presidency. Jaw dropping. The things that were said, done, accused. But this is ok for the Left to react this way. Trump is the guilty one. The only one media is holding “accountable”.

Perhaps I’m the only fool here, believing, hoping perhaps, that the world should be fair; that a 90% Democrat registered media establishment could possibly be fair or objective in today’s partisan world of fiction and make-believe. The only thing that matters seems to be, by any means necessary,  “We will bring down the Trump presidency.” People are so biased and full of irrational anger and hate, they can’t even see how crazy things have gotten; how lost the truth and integrity and objectivity has become.

Maybe we’ve seen one too many Hollywood science-fiction movies, where we can’t discern reality from fiction anymore; facts from opinion; or simply simple things like the difference between the meaning of true “tolerance” and “intolerance”.


I wish people would just step back for a moment and just take a deep breath. Relax. Stay rational for a change.

I didn’t vote for Trump. I don’t like him personally. I’m generally a social progressive, a fiscal conservative, and someone who fears power in the hands of anyone, or any institution for too long. There’s a thing called history. These scenarios have never ended well. Call me crazy.

But I have to say that all of his policies are not so completely insane. What is insane is the vitriol behind those who would oppose him. Let’s take a few examples to make my point, to show I’m trying to use logic and objectivity and rational thought to make my case, not politics. Remember, I hate both parties and all politicians generally.

Trump holding NATO members accountable to their responsibilities is good policy. What is insane is how the Europeans expect that America should bear the bulk of the burden, financially and militarily, to provide for their collective defense. The European continent is generally a far more social-welfare state than the Americas. The ONLY reason that is the case is because they spend a small fraction on the military and defense, relative to the US. Generally speaking, they spend about 2X to 3X less, as a percentage of GDP or economy, relative to the US. In absolute dollars, it’s hundreds of billions of dollars. So, in essence, when places like Norway and Germany choose to give LAVISH social benefits for healthcare, or retirement, or unemployment, or welfare for their citizens, instead of on self-defense, it is because America affords them this luxury. To put it another way, WE – AMERICANS – are paying those social benefits, to the tune of billions, hundred of billions across the continent, annually. Research this. It’s true. What would happen if the the US pulled out of NATO? These countries would immediately ramp up their defense spending and necessarily have to cut back on social spending. Nobody can argue this.

Let’s use a more down-to-earth example. Imagine you had a friendly neighbor who said he was having difficulty paying his monthly mortgage. Since your house was much bigger than his, and you two were pretty friendly, he asks you to help pay for part of the mortgage – a sizable chunk. After many years pass, everyone is happy and comfortable with the arrangements. But one day, a stranger comes along and informs you that your neighbor has been taking the money you give him to help with the mortgage every month, and using it to give it to his friends, and buying them drinks and dinners. Most of us would be kinda pissed off. Even if you could afford it. But imagine if you were struggling to pay your own bills, like America is today. How would you feel then?

So when Trump shakes things up and says Europeans must pay their fair share on self defense – so America can lessen our share – rightfully so (it’s not our country and we should not be the self-appointed police of the world; we can’t afford to be, we’re broke), all hell breaks loose among the Establishment and Media: Trump is insane, stupid; he understands nothing about NATO, blah blah…People hate change; it terrifies most, especially those who are in power or have benefited from the status quo. And nobody has had the guts to call a spade a spade before. Many in Washington love the imperialistic power and influence we enjoy as a superpower, through institutions like NATO. Power is never given up easily or willingly. But we must.

Trump’s NATO position isn’t insane. It’s perfectly logical and really the only viable long term solution. America isn’t going to abandon NATO or our European allies. Of course not. But we need to make radical changes to the system. America must reduce our foreign defense expenditures if we are going to have any chance in hell of lasting another century. The status quo is insane. Doing something that we know cannot be sustained, is insane. Americans paying 2.5X the amount that Europeans pay for their own continent’s self-defense is insane. Sure, Europeans love it; they don’t want to rock the boat and cause change. But then again, who doesn’t love free money at no cost.

Trump’s position on illegal immigration and restricting visas from terrorist sponsoring states isn’t insane either. I can’t believe the hysteria in the world. Hypocrites! These same countries that decry our policy of building a wall have walls on their own borders! Mexico has a wall on their southern border to keep out the Central Americans. The European Union is forcing Turkey to build walls and fences to stop immigration from Syria and the Middle East! None of these countries has as large of an illegal immigration problem as America does.

It has nothing to do with race. I don’t care if Mexico was filled with 100% white people, if they were coming across our border illegally by the hundreds of thousands every year, we should still build a wall. Of course some are criminals. Of course some are drug smugglers. These people don’t typically like to announce their visit by going through customs. And yes, some could – and probably have been – terrorists or those intending to do harm to our country. Why is this so hard to understand? It’s about sovereignty and national security. If you oppose it because you have some idealistic notion of a border-less world, without nations, that’s great, I commend it, because hopefully one day the human race will just be able to identify as one, instead of individual countries or races. But that’s not the reality we live in today. We don’t live in fantasy land.

The president’s Muslim country ban is another whopper lie that makes my head spin. Do we not have a serious global problem with terrorism and radical Islamic extremists who want to kill Americans, especially? Decapitate us? If we visit their country, Americans will almost surely be kidnapped or killed. Of course we should be cautious which of these people we let into our country. I can’t believe it’s even a serious debate.

These same 6 countries are well known to be problem areas – chaos and violence rules there. The Obama administration identified these same countries as problem nations – Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, Iraq,  and Yemen.  Let’s see, Syria is in chaos due to a civil war raging for 5 years. There is no government system to speak of. ISIS has declared it part of their caliphate and beheads anybody who isn’t a “true” believer or looks white. Iran is just a thorough pain in the ass and the number one sponsor of state terrorism. Libya has all kinds of problems and is fighting ISIS there too. Somalia is the new hot bed of Islamic radicals and the government is weak to non-existent. And Yemen is in ruins due to a civil war that has ripped it apart, and radicals are trying to take control. If you don’t have a government system to check for criminals or filter people out, then ALL the burden has to be done by the US embassy to see which are good people and which are bad – and to not let these in. Of course an extreme vetting process is required.

If you have about 2 billion Muslims in the world, and only a very small percentage of these folks live in the 6 (now 5) countries listed on the executive order, and the number one Muslim country – Indonesia, who has over 60% of the world’s Muslims – is not even on the list, as well as dozens of other countries with large Muslim populations – how can you call it a Muslim ban? What did I miss in school, because I don’t get this.

Talk about twisting the facts; turning logic and common sense on its head. And yet, in the media, we are inundated with only one point of view, that these acts are racist, illegal, and dangerous policies by Trump. It’s hard to respect the media when they can twist something so basic, into something so nonsensical and hateful.

I could go on and on. But what’s the point?

People don’t use objectivity and logic anymore. They prefer to believe what is popular, what is mainstream, what is fed to them in the news and social media. As if what we believe is more important than the truth. Just as optics, or how something appears, is more important than the substance or truth.

Let’s call this what it really is – brainwashing. When the truth comes second, or last, and only the agenda matters, this is precisely called brainwashing. It’s what ISIS does. And what our society and media does. We’re just too blind to see it; too arrogant to believe it, that we – the almighty Americans – could fall victim to it; and too busy with unimportant things to truly care.

It seems that there are three words that precisely describe human nature: selfish; hypocritical; and irrational.

That’s us in a nutshell. Not a very glamorous picture is it?

Is it a wonder God probably has forsaken us? What entity would want to deal with a bunch of selfish, sniveling, blaming, irrational, emotional, lying, non-believing, arrogant, destructive people? Gee, the optics don’t look so good, does it?

Of course, since people don’t “believe” there is a God anymore, well, I guess that must mean he doesn’t exist and nobody is accountable. You know, come to think of it, I don’t believe the sun will rise tomorrow either, so I’m pretty sure it won’t.