Life 2.0 And A Bunch Of Other Stuff

Today’s Song of the Day

Today’s song is from Bob Seger, a classic, called Against The Wind. I’ve always loved this song. It’s always been near to my heart. Enjoy.


Life 2.0

Tonight, I’m finally going home. I guess it’s time to start living again, if I’m not going to be dying anytime soon. It appears I will probably live forever, ironically, sarcastically. All my precise and delicate plans on not only how I would spend my last days, as well as all the practical logistics of what do with all the crap I accumulated throughout my life – all the expensive “stuff”, as well as most of my money – well that worked out like a charm (sarcasm). I don’t regret giving most of it away, even despite everything that’s happened.

Not dying turned out to be a cursed blessing. But I suppose that’s how it had to be. Eventually it will become just a blessing, although it’s hard to see that now.

There’s only two ways we can move forward from a major bad event in our lives. We can draw from the experience, gain wisdom, gain perspective, hopefully gain more compassion and empathy for others; or we can allow ourselves to be darkened by it, to discolor our outlook on life, others — to be more selfish. I guess this is the same message I wrote about repeatedly in my own book. I suppose I need to live by my own words. And I think I have, am.

Lately I’ve been watching a lot of movies, about 1 per day on average over the past few months. A LOT of movies! Yesterday, I accidentally stumbled upon a movie called Winter’s Bone, starring Jennifer Lawrence. It was accidental because I had long ran out of movies I wanted to see, and only random picks were available now. So I clicked on the movie, thinking it was some thriller-drama. I didn’t even know until after I had watched the movie that it was the winner of the Best Picture award at the Sundance Movie Festival a handful of years ago. I had never even heard of the film. As I watched the movie, it became clear it wasn’t anything like it had been advertised. It was long, slow, and morbidly depressing. I wanted to shoot myself in my own chair. LOL! I nearly quit watching it halfway through the movie. But boredom drove me to finish it, after a long break.

But after I had finished watching the movie, two things stuck out in my mind. The first was my favorite quote from the film, from J-Law, when she’s recalling one of her mother’s favorite sayings: “Two tears in a bucket; mother-f*-it”. It had the underpinnings of a beautiful limerick. Haha. The second thing that stuck out was how difficult the life of her character was in this movie. She played a 17 year old girl who had to grow up awfully fast when her father disappeared to outrun the law, and her mother went crazy, forcing her to take on parenting responsibilities of her two younger siblings, a little boy and a young girl. And then her life just got even worse. And all throughout this movie, I thought, holy cow, she persevered; even when her mother, who should have been the responsible one, escaped into her mind, going crazy and essentially abandoning the three children. Life can always be worse than how we, ourselves, have it. But I didn’t think too much of the movie and put it out of my mind quickly. But it must have had a lasting impression, because later that night, I randomly decided – out of the blue – that it was time for me to start living again.

And so here I go. Life 2.0 begins. Literally starting over, from scratch, with nothing except my mind, my health, and all the things I’ve learned along the way. Good things. Things that I HAD to learn. And probably could only learn through this precise course of my life.

I will never go back to the same lifestyle as I once lived. I will not live for self, mostly. I will not pursue riches and money, even if it was never as feverishly as I could have before. If I eventually do become a millionaire again, or even a billionaire – I’m pretty sure I have the potential within me to do so – it will be mostly to help others more. But I’m okay with living a modest life. Luxury and comfort is merely based on how we perceive our world; and happiness is our internalization of this perception.

Once you open the box of knowledge; once we open our eyes to the reality, the truth, we can never forget it, or ignore it. So it’s impossible to go back to the same life, pursuing purely excitement, comfort and pleasure.

So, here I go. I hope God hasn’t abandoned me still.


The Inauguration; Hypocrisy and Delusion

I read the modest inauguration speech last week, and I thought, “Oh, nice speech. Nothing special.”

Then I started to read the visceral reactions by the Media. And I thought to myself, did they get a different speech? I read the speech in its entirety. It was rather dull, not terribly eloquent, and certainly not historic or Kennedy-esk, but nothing terribly controversial.

Then I started hearing comparisons to Hitler, and blah, blah.

Madonna wants to blow up the White House, or at least has thought about it extensively, as she admitted this weekend.

NBC said the speech was “divisive”. Where? How?

ABC said it was “anti-Semitic” Huh?? Is this the same speech I read? Trump’s own daughter is married to a traditional Jewish man for god’s sake. His top lawyer and confidant he’s trusted for decades is a devout Jew.

The Washington Post, a mouthpiece of Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos, a hater of Trump, called Trump “Messianic” (not intended to be complementary), “A schmendrick who thinks he is the second coming…” (schmendrick is a derogatory Jewish term).

EVERY SINGLE MAINSTREAM media source has been unjustly ripping Trump. Some of his words are inflammatory and deserve harsh language, but it’s clear the hatred has spread so far, so wide, that it is blinding the media to any sensibilities or common sense, and certainly incapacitating them to be anywhere close to objective or fair.

Has everyone really lost it? Has Hate blinded everyone so much??

Can we PLEASE! STOP! comparing everyone who is to the right of Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler if they say or do something that the Media or Left doesn’t personally approve of? Do we remember why Hitler was pure evil? What he did? It wasn’t what he said. He killed six million innocent Jews, for no reason at all. And he was personally responsible for the deaths of 60 to 80 million people in the world due to the atrocious world war. That’s about 60 to 80 million more than Donald Trump has or ever will.

Can we please get civility and sanity back, America?

The left leaning, heavily and clearly biased media couldn’t stop talking about Trump’s “America First” statement.

Let me try to add some OBJECTIVE perspective here.

Donald Trump is the president of the United States of America, all 50 US states. This doesn’t include Mexico, or Canada, or Europe, or Asia, or Africa, or Australia, or outer space. He is the president of roughly 325 million American citizens. His FIRST responsibility, as president of the United States, is to ensure the safety and prosperity of EVERY SINGLE American citizen. That IS his constitutional responsibility. That’s his JOB.

There is nothing wrong with being a patriot, for loving your own country that you live in, that you share commonality with – culture, language, interests, community. We supposedly hail the brave soldiers who love their country and risk their very lives to protect our way of life; and yet, when the President says his vision is to make the SAME country these courageous patriots would die for, “Great Again”, hysteria in the media and liberals/progressives ensues. How is that rational?

Let me further point out these facts.

Every single one of these media writers and liberals have families. They treat their families with the highest priorities, first. They also have friends whom they also give preference and loyalty to over the rest of the 7.2 billion people in this world. Then they probably also have communities or churches (except the atheists), whom they provide preferential treatment.

A nation is an extension of all of this. A nation is a sum of our families and friends and communities, something we share commonality with. Americans understand other Americans because we share similar culture and language. We watch the same TV shows and sports; read the same newspapers and online content; are governed by the same rule of law and justice – for the most part. There is nothing wrong with putting our own country first, just as there is nothing wrong with putting our own families first. You’re a pathetic parent if you don’t. You’re an unpatriotic citizen if you don’t put your nation above others.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to build a wall to protect and control our southern border with another country. It happens everywhere around the world. It’s our sovereign right. And common sense policy. Why spend tens of billions on border security if you’re not going to secure the border???

Media: stop being hypocritical.

Sure, America isn’t perfect. And when we do wrong, we must own up to it, not conceal it to ourselves or the world.

And I certainly hope that every one of our citizens would provide more than lip service, and truly empathize and care about all people in this world, to make this world a more peaceful, more prosperous, and better place. That is everyone’s ultimate goal – AND moral responsibility, I believe.

But there is nothing wrong with being a patriot. We don’t need to hide in shame, or feel intimated or scared of being proud of our country, or wanting to make sure we get our own house in order FIRST, before we tackle the world’s problems.

The Media needs to wake up and stop being so brazenly biased. They’ve completely lost all perspective. They are SO BLINDED BY HATRED of this president that all sensibility and objectivity is lost. DO YOUR JOB, as the great coach Bill Belichick would say.

Do your job. Be fair. Be open. Criticize when appropriate. Hold Trump and Republicans to account. But also equally hold Democrats to account.

Do your job, because your job is critical to our democracy and essential if we are to truly make or keep America great. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be a mediocre country.

I didn’t vote. But over 60 million people voted for Trump. Not everyone is a crazed, despot loving lunatic who is brainwashed by Trump’s rhetoric. Maybe you should listen to these people. They may have something important to say too.

Do your job, please. America needs you. Because if you don’t, it doesn’t matter what Obama or Trump or any president does. Our system can’t work.


Tom Brady and the Anti-Trump Hysteria

Since the inauguration of president Donald Trump, which seems to have escalated the fever-pitched hatred of the Left to boiling temperatures, it seems all perspective and civility is lost.

Even poor Tom Brady, perhaps the greatest quarterback in history, and a high profile figure for the Superbowl bound New England Patriots, who has had a long friendship with Donald Trump, has had to justify his friendship with the president to the media. The Media is basically trying to make anyone who is friends with, or supports anything Trump does, out to be villains. They are so excessively and psychotically intent on causing Trump to fail, and alienating him. I’ve NEVER seen anything like this before.

Why can’t Brady be friends with Trump? Why should this even be an issue or something to harass Tom over? Does the media have to approve who can be our friends too now?

Can’t we be friends with whomever we choose? Even if they disagree politically to our own values and beliefs? It seems the media says no, based on their actions and behavior.

What kind of American hopes and wants and actively tries to make any sitting president fail? Do you put politics over your country and family? Being proven right or wrong over the well-being of your friends and neighbors and fellow citizens?

In a more open world, we would call this subterfuge, or treason – although this word is a bit too harsh. But those who would rather see America fail, on account of political success, is a traitor in my opinion. There is nothing good within these types of people. And since the Media will not judge themselves, thank God a higher power will one day.

Lies are still lies, even in the name of politics.


The Superbowl!!

Now on to happy thoughts to conclude the blog.

Well, Aaron Rodgers wasn’t the second coming of Jesus (calm down, this is meant in jest). All the injuries and pressure finally took down the Green Bay Packers last Sunday. They were awful, dropping balls left and right, missing an easy field goal first score by a clutch kicker, fumbling at the 5 yard line while driving for a touchdown, and it all went downhill from there. This was a game to stay away from a betting standpoint, obviously (I said I would never bet against Rodgers with his hot streak, even though I said the Falcons should win), but it still would have been nice to see a Patriots-Packers match-up in the Superbowl.

The New England Patriots versus the Atlanta Falcons in Superbowl 51 will still be awesome. Both offenses can score at will, with two of the best QBs. The Pats have a much better defense. But the Falcons hold a slight advantage offensively. There is only one statistic that matters in this game, and it will decide the outcome of this game – net turnover margin. Here, the Patriots have an advantage with Brady who doesn’t throw interceptions, a run game that doesn’t fumble, and a defense that has the highest positive turnover margin in the league.

I think the Patriots would win by 6-7 points, but the NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, and the referees will be heavily biased toward the Falcons. So I have to spot the Falcons a +4 point advantage due to this unfairness. Therefore, my prediction is the Patriots win by 2-3 points.

If you’re going to put actual money on this game, I suggest going with the Falcons to cover the spread, which is currently 3 points. This way, if the Falcons upset the Patriots, which I think is about a 33% chance, or they lose in a close game – which is highly likely – you will still win.

Good luck. Should be hell of a game. I still don’t know who to root for yet. I’m kind of favoring the sentimental pick, the underdog Falcons, since this would be their first-ever championship. But then again, I admire Brady and the New England franchise.