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Song Of The Day

Today’s song of the day is called National Anthem by The Gaslight Anthem, which is the first song on the playlist below. No, it’s not the Star Spangled Banner. I also included a handful of other songs off their various albums: 1) National Anthem, 2) Red at Night, 3) Blue Jeans and White T-Shirts, 4) God’s Gonna Cut You Down, 5) Queen of Lower Chelsea, and 6) The ’59 Sound.

The Gaslight Anthem is a good old fashioned rock band straight out of Jersey; as American as it gets. They’re a little known band. I saw them perform about 7 or 8 years ago after the debut of their first album in 2008, named The ’59 Sound. The first single release was also same-titled, and I included it in one of my playlist blogs previously.

They remind me a bit of Bruce Springsteen, a Jersey native. Springsteen was a master story teller in his older songs. You can hear the heavy influence and, occasionally, the harmonica, as Bruce often employed. You could feel the depth of Springsteen’s lyrics, like a good book builds a pivotal character.

The Gaslight Anthem is what you would expect out of New Jersey – blue collar rock – just like Bon Jovi, but with more feeling and soul, like Bruce. Some of their music is a bit unpolished, raw. But I like that. It’s not the same over-produced and commercialized music that we’ve all heard a million times. Hope you enjoy.


NFL Playoff Predictions

Last year, during the Wild Card round, every road team won. It was a strange year. Usually home field advantage is a good thing.

This year, I’m expecting the total opposite for the first round. Here are my picks for this weekend’s NFL playoffs. The first 3 match-ups are “locks”. Had Derrick Carr, Oakland QB been healthy and able to play, the Raiders would have had home field advantage. Even without home field, Raiders would have easily handled the Texans on the road. But, that’s the unknown of the game; injuries kill.

The Giants vs. Packers game is a bit of an unknown, but I’m favoring the Packers slightly given their incredible hot streak and Aaron Rodger’s MVP play – it’s unbelievable how he’s been performing the past 6 games. But the Giant’s defense is probably the best in the league right now. So, if the Giants win, I think they go all the way to the Super Bowl for a rematch of Tom Brady v. Eli Manning. The last 2 times this happened, Brady got schooled by little Eli. Maybe Brady finally gets revenge.

Raiders v  Texans

Lions v Seahawks

Dolphins v Steelers

Giants v Packers


NCAA Football Championship

Clemson v Alabama

Clemson wins easily. This is a rematch of last year’s championship when Alabama won. Clemson is better this year and better prepared. They have a better QB and offense than Alabama, and they’re defense can match up very well.

Hollywood Apocalypse

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