The Earth Is Flat; We Are The Epicenter Of The Universe…

Lies are more common than the truth. Perhaps more abundant than water. Our lives are filled with them. And our textbooks even more so. Most of them we believe to be the truth – either through ignorance, or through denial.


The Earth is Flat

Many years ago, thousands of them, people ALL thought the world was flat. It seems crazy nowadays. But the logic people used to conclude this wasn’t wrong; it was merely based on incomplete knowledge coupled with obvious observed data, leading to the wrong conclusion. But everybody thought this for thousands of years, even the geniuses and scientists. Until someone came along to challenge this idea.

Around the 2nd or 3rd century B.C., the intellectuals of the time began to slowly realize the earth was not flat, but round, based on geometric calculations using observations of stars and the moon. In the 4th century, Aristotle observed that the southern constellations position was higher for travelers headed south. And that the shadow of the earth was round during a lunar eclipse. Long before the Renaissance period, the Catholic Church fairly commonly believed the world was round. The Islam faith also knew the earth was flat even before the Catholics.

By the time Columbus and the Spaniards began to colonize and sail the open seas with their massive ships, looking for commerce and trade, most well educated people knew the world wasn’t flat. Columbus certainly knew the world was round, as he intended to sail to the Asian continent going westward. He bet his life on it in 1492, when he set sail westward to discover a more optimal and faster route to Asia. If the world was indeed flat, and he did not encounter a new land mass between Europe and Asia, he knew that he and his crew would starve to death. But Columbus mistakenly thought the distance was about 25% of the actual distance we know it to be today! So he could have still starved to death if he didn’t have a little luck. And we all know the rest of the history tale. (Of course, most of us should also know that Columbus wasn’t the first to discover the Americas; as well as the fact that he actually discovered the Caribbean Islands and NEVER set foot in North America. Even his subsequent voyages merely discovered Central and South America..ahhh, small details. But if teachers try to teach this truth, they get fired. Literally, I’ve met people who were fired for this.)

Today we ask, how could people ever think the world was flat? But actually, it wasn’t such a dumb conclusion based on human logic. The conclusion was based on 3 simple observations:

  1. People could generally see the flat earth, excluding the mountains which grew from the land
  2. People could see the “end” of the earth in the distant horizon, or when looking out on the vast open seas. The distance clearly showed that the water “fell” off the earth! (Truth is, we, everything, is falling off a “cliff”. We are perpetually falling at a constant rate of a 1040 miles per hour, the precise rate the world rotates around its axis. Fortunately we have gravity.)
  3. People who traveled from point A to anywhere else, if traveling in a straight line, had never been able to come back to the same starting point. Therefore, it clearly could not be a circle!

All of these “facts” definitely proved the earth was indeed flat. Nobody thought to even question this for thousands of years.

Human limitations and finite knowledge led to the absolutely wrong conclusion, even using science to justify the logic.

When some intellectuals began to observe the stars and moon more closely, they began to realize the error of this thinking. At first, those who proposed the idea the earth could be round were mocked, discredited, or even killed for such heresy.


We, The Earth, is the Center of the Universe

Even when intellectuals understood the earth was round, and not flat, they still believed Earth was the center of the universe. It wasn’t until hundreds of years, nearly a thousand, after initially proving the earth was round, that scientists began to understand this model was wrong.

Even in 100 A.D, nearly a century following Jesus’ death, Roman astronomers used the Ptolemaic Model of the universe, which showed Earth as the geo-center of the universe, with the moon, planets Mercury, Venus, the sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, and finally the stars, all in concentric circles rotating around Earth.

It wasn’t until the heliocentric model was developed by Nicolaus Copernicus in the 16th century that the sun was believed to be the center of the universe. This was the first major theoretical challenge to the old earth centric model. (Coincidentally, I visited Copernicus’ original house in Torun, Poland, where I spent 6 weeks there about a decade ago.)

From the beginning of man, until the 16th century A.D., everybody thought the Earth was the center of the universe. Nobody questioned this. Again, the logic wasn’t wrong, just based on incomplete information:

  1. People saw the sun rotate across the sky every 24 hours.
  2. People saw the stars’ pattern changing in the night sky, repeating every 365 days.
  3. People saw the moon systematically and predictably changing shape about once a month (every 27.3 days).

And true to our human nature, man quickly concluded – prematurely and based on INCOMPLETE information – that we must be the center of the universe, since we could clearly see other stellar objects rotating in our day and night sky. We, humans, Earth, HAD to be the most important. Typical human thinking – self absorbed.

Arrogance and man’s self-absorbed nature led to absolutely the wrong conclusion. Again, human limitations and finite knowledge led to the wrong conclusion, even using science to justify the logic.

When some intellectuals began to observe the stars and moon more closely, and think more objectively, they began to realize the error of this thinking. And again, at first, those who proposed the idea the earth was not the center of the universe were mocked, discredited, or even killed for such heresy. It is commonly believed that Galileo was persecuted by the Catholic church for his belief in the heliocentric (earth is not the center) model.

And this is where the falsehood began that Christianity and the Catholic Church were anti-science. Of course, this is a lie too. The Catholic Church often funded scientific research for centuries. And most scientists were Christians themselves until late in the past century – coincidentally (?) when Evolutionism began to take hold.


The Theory of Evolution

The Theory of Evolution is very new. It’s less than 2 centuries old, really less than 1 century. And modern evolution theory really developed in the past 50 years or so. It is in the infancy of understanding and speculation; based on incomplete data and knowledge for sure. And yet, it is universally adopted as truth. It is preached in textbooks worldwide, virtually. If anyone disagrees with it, or challenges its notion as science or truth, they are mocked, called “Flat-Earth” believers, or religious nuts.

Today, the mockery and ridicule and discrediting is not from the Catholic Church or by royal decree. It’s from the growing Religion of Science. The non-religious religion. The Religion of Man.

But the truth is, science and mathematics clearly DISPROVE the Theory of Evolution. We are at the Copernicus moment with regard to this failed theory of evolution.

Evolutionism states that life evolved through random genetic mutations; that time, coupled with chance, resulted in a diverse flourishing of organic life; that complexity grew relentlessly over time, enabled by the idea of Natural Selection, survival of the fittest. It is based on 3 very simple observations, similar to flat-earth and earth geo-centric thinkers of the day:

  1. We observe DNA mutations occurring roughly 1 out of a billion replications, depending on the species and complexity of the genetic code.
  2. We observe LIMITED IN-SPECIES change in nature – e.g. the changing of the colors of feathers in a species over time, changing of shapes of beaks, toes, or hands and feet changing sizes and slight shapes.
  3. We observe historical discoveries (fossil records) of similar looking species with slightly different shapes and sizes or forms, indicating a “progression”, separated by different points in time, showing a “methodical evolution” of complexity.

This logic doesn’t sound much different than the first two theories of Flat-Earth, or Earth-Is-The-Center-Of-The-Universe. In fact, it is exactly the SAME logic. And, just as before, those who proposed the idea that evolutionism is false, are labeled as religious nuts, ignorant, or not credible. My, the more things change, how they still stay the same.

This is ALL there really is as far as objective data or facts to “prove” evolution is true. Everything else is merely a red herring. Smoke and mirrors. Illusions. Hallucinations. Fantasy. Denial. Or hatred of God.

We have a few observations and facts, and from this we connected all the infinite dots and we conclude that everything started from random atoms combining together, miraculously, to form simple polymers, then amino acids, then proteins, then the first living cell, then the first self-replicating living cell, than multi-celled organisms, and then everything else we have today in this incredible ecosystem of organic life. AND, all of these things happened by pure randomness, through the arbitrary and random mutations of the DNA genetic code, filtered out by a magical process called Natural Selection. The net result, of which, is this incredible world of millions of living species, and consciousness, and extreme intelligence that can build rockets to fly to the moon and stars, microchips to think for us, invisible signals to communicate across vast distances using tiny devices, and on and on. None of which randomly happened without thought or intellect behind it.

If you still believe the earth  is flat, you’re a blind, ignorant fool.

If you still believe the Earth is the center of the universe, that we are at the center of everything, you are a self-absorbed, delusional, god-damn idiot.

And if you believe that pure random evolution – the mystic power of random chance, mixed with the magical elixir of time – can accomplish all of “this”, then you are all of the above. You are no different than Flat-Earthers, or Earth-Geocentrists. It doesn’t matter what science you claim to hide behind, because the logic and fallacy is still the same.

The ONLY way that all of “THIS” – the diverse biological life, consciousness, intellect – could exist is if there is some form of Higher Power who created, or designed, or shaped it to become what it is. This is mathematically, scientifically, the only possible way. The ONLY. This is not my opinion. It is the true fact.


The Facts – The Truth – About Evolution

If you claim to be open minded, and really want to know the truth, then read on. Otherwise, close this blog, convince yourself how stupid it was, and continue to live your delusion. Cling onto your religion of man.

Here are the facts, of which I detail in much more thoroughly over 200 pages in Chapter 9 of my book, Iron, Not Wood, which I have attached at the end of this blog:

  1. Basic inert chemical elements, such as Carbon, Hydrogen, etc, cannot and did not randomly combine to form the first basic ingredients of life – the variety of amino acids – necessary to synthesize the first proteins, which are the extremely complex building blocks of all organic life. An oxygen rich or oxidizing atmosphere prohibits this. The most exhaustive scientific studies irrefutably show that early Earth atmosphere was oxygen rich – oxidizing – mild climate, and full of abundant water. It was nothing like the boiling, inhospitable, “primordial-soup” that evolutionists had been speculating or conjectured was the case – to suit their early earth and first living organism generation theory. They still believe this, and teach this. Despite SCIENCE clearly disproving this idea. This itself kills the evolution theory just by itself. Atoms have to combine somewhere, somehow, before life can begin, even if they flew in from an asteroid somewhere else. Outer-space is awfully inhospitable for survival of complex molecules. Since scientists cannot claim the first amino acids and proteins started here, they are now on a wild goose chase, claiming they were flown in from somewhere else – so we can never disprove it.
  2. Step 1 is impossible as noted. But even if it were possible, for argument’s sake, scientists have never been able to show simple compounds can randomly combine in ANY liquid or “soup” or water body to generate more complex building blocks. This conjectured, speculated “primordial soup” is fantasy to begin with as shown in point (1). This is a huge and inconvenient problem for evolutionists. Amino acids have never been shown to be able to randomly and spontaneously combine to form proteins of any sustainable increasing level of complexity in any water solution, or any “soup”.  This itself kills the evolutionist theory all by itself.
  3. We still have no proof, no lab condition or experiment, no reasonable idea, how the first self-replicating biological organism came about. If the early Earth atmosphere was highly oxidizing, and the primordial soup idea is complete bunk; there is no alternative idea. Yet, this is the core of their theory; the MOST critical step to evolution. And it is practically a blank page, merely filled with laughable hypotheses on how it could happen – all of which are blatantly dis-proven and false due to points (1) and (2).
  4. Scientists do not have any answers on how speciation – the diversification of lifeforms through random mutations – is mathematically possible. The simple compounded probability shows it is laughably IMPOSSIBLE – objectively, mathematically. NO SCIENTIST WILL DISPUTE THIS TRUTH. Natural Selection has zero influence on this calculation. If something is mathematically impossible, we generally say, ok, it’s not possible…except in the case of religion. Evolution IS an extreme cult religion, because it’s the only religion that is scientifically and mathematically proven to be false. In my book, I call it “The Religion of Random Spontaneous Consciousness”
  5. Natural Selection says the most survivable will flourish and others will perish. First of all, nothing should survive if left to pure randomness – with or without Natural Selection. There is no law that says something has to survive in this universe. In my book, Iron, Not Wood, I detail how the most complex molecules discovered outside of our beautiful life-rich oasis of a planet is barely 13 atoms. An organic molecule must have thousands, realistically, millions or billions for a complex single-celled organism. Our DNA macro-molecule has 200 billion atoms, all strung together like a string. It’s a shockingly sophisticated polymer molecule. Just ONE molecule!

I could go on and on. Read Chapter 9 of Iron, Not Wood if you want more details. I’ve attached the 200 pages of chapter 9 at the end of the blog.

This is an excerpt from Iron, Not Wood, Chapter 9 (pages 368-9), talking about the impossibility of complex organic molecules forming in our universe by random chance:

Life requires molecules filled with atoms in the order of hundreds of billions in sequence, all bonded together perfectly! A single molecule of human DNA contains roughly 200 BILLION atoms, all bonded precisely together into one very long molecule that would stretch nearly 2 meters long if held in a straight line! Every living cell contains one DNA double helix structure macromolecule, each helix containing 3 billion base pairs of nucleotides, precisely sequencing 4 different types of nucleotides, which contain several dozen atoms each. And this is against a reality backdrop that there are infinite possible combinations of these elements and building blocks that could have occurred. Literally infinite. But yet, this exact combination, containing 200 billion atoms in a single molecule, just happened; in the precisely perfect sequence.

There are 100 trillion cells in the human body. This means we have 200 trillion meters long worth of DNA in our bodies – just of DNA (nothing else). This is fact. Wow!

The distance from Earth to the Sun is 150 billion meters on average. If we put all our DNA molecules in our body end-to-end, we could stretch from Earth to the Sun over 1,333 times! Really sit and think about this for 10 minutes. When I calculated all of this, I was simply stunned. In a universe that doesn’t allow molecules of any complexity, we have a single molecule in our body that is 200 billion atoms, that is repeated over 100 trillion times in every one of us. And we are to believe it was purely random? Considering that the most complex molecule observed in the universe outside of biological Earth is barely 13 atoms?

Think about that! If something is such an incredibly rare exception to the rule, what does common sense tell us? Do you really believe all this was random chance?

The most complex molecule found in our universe so far – outside of Earth – is comprised of barely 3 different elements and a total of 13 atoms in one molecule (HC10CN and HC11N) in the Cold Dust Cloud TMC-1, far beyond our solar system. A purely carbon based macromolecule C70 (fullerene) has been detected in the distant Young Planetary Nebula. These discoveries are incredibly rare. To date, there have only been 15 such discoveries (outside of Earth) ever made of molecules containing more than 10 atoms in our universe. There have only been 41 total discoveries of different molecules made up of just 3 simple atoms! It’s exceedingly hard to get even simple molecules to form and persist in our universe. And there are elements of all kinds floating around our universe. And when the Big Bang happened, all of these atoms and elements were in closer proximity, commingling. Even on Mars, the discovery of methane (CH4) was a huge deal (no there is no sign of any life on Mars). Complex organic molecule found! (Meaning it simply contains carbon atoms.)

Why is it so difficult for complex molecular compounds to persist? Simple physics. The universe is constantly breaking down all atomic bonds. This is why, as we discussed earlier, the simplest atoms or elements make up virtually our entire universe.

The universe does not allow even slightly complex molecules to persist for very long. All the forces of the universe – radiation, thermal, electromagnetic, and nuclear forces are constantly working on chemical decomposition of anything complex. Any complex molecules will never persist long enough to continually grow in complexity until it becomes self-replicating – a process which took more nearly a billion years.

Any reasonably intelligent human being, who is in search of the truth, not lies, shouldn’t take long to deduce what the truth really is. Evolutionism is a lie. It is impossible. It has been disproved scientifically, and mathematically disqualified as a viable theory.

Stop being deluded to think the earth is still flat, or that we are the epi-center of everything, or that the magic wand of random chance, coupled with time, can create life, consciousness, intelligence, and everything shockingly beautiful and poetic in this world.

A higher power – God, if you will – creating or designing “THIS” is the only possible answer.

Stop believing the greatest lie EVER perpetrated on mankind. And while devils may perpetrate this lie, the Devil himself obviously knows it to be false.

Behind every single lie ever told, there lays an agenda; someone else’s agenda, intended to manipulate YOU. That is the definition of a lie. And if you believe the lie, then you are the bigger fool, not the liar(s).


Click on the link to open; right-click to download:

Chapter 9 – The Perfect Symphony from Iron, Not Wood