The Playoffs Are Here!

Song of the Day

Well, given the playoffs are here, with college football starting today, and the NFL starting next week, the song from The Script, Hall of Fame, seems appropriate. I love this band:

One of my girlfriends I dated for a short period in past few years, I nicknamed her my “hall of fame” girl, because she was an incredible lover. LOL. She loved the name. See, you can be the best at anything. Haha.


Football Playoffs! Yippeeee!

Well, my Bowl Mania ranking is still top 99%, sitting around 8200 position. Not bad for a contest with at least over a million entries. I missed two games the past 2 days: Colorado lost to Oklahoma State, and Michigan’s shocking loss to Florida State last night. But I also didn’t realize the best player for Michigan, Jabril Peppers, a super talented, multi-purpose player, and a key anchor for Michigan’s defense, as well as an explosive kick returner, suffered a hamstring injury during practices and did not play. Oh well. Colorado just stunk it up and I clearly overvalued them. So I went 6-2 over that period. I got within 2500 position at one point after winning 5 in a row.

Today is the start of the NCAA Football Playoffs! The quarterfinals. I feel like I have to go out on a limb a bit here. I’m picking a huge upset, picking the Washington Huskies over the universal favorite, Alabama Crimson Tide. The spread is 14 and the largest of any match-up in the bowl games. It’s almost stupid to go against Alabama, because they have the best talent and are like an NFL caliber team. But Washington is a solid team on both sides of the ball. And they can expose Alabama’s defensive weakness in the secondary with the deep pass and a good running game. The deep ball is Alabama’s Achilles heal and Washington’s strength. The Huskies’ defensive line is solid too and will be able to pressure the true Freshman quarterback, Jalen Hurts. Jalen has been phenomenon for Alabama this year. And his ability to evade and scramble-run is scary. But if Washington contains him, they will get plenty of pressure if they can make him throw to win. Jalen has been one of the highest turnover QBs in the last 6 games, exposing his freshman status. The key will be the first quarter. Washington needs to play calm and in the moment, and not let Alabama intimidate early, as they often do, running away with a fast big lead. Alabama has tons of bright-light experience, whereas coach Peterson’s up and coming Huskies are new to the national spotlight, with their last national championship and relevance occuring in 1992.

Go Huskies! I admit it’s a risky pick going against Alabama; almost lunacy.

I’m also picking Clemson over Ohio State in another upset. This is less of a risk and I think a good position.

Here are all my bowl picks for today:


2 hours before the kickoff of Alabama v Washington game and I’m having serious doubts about my pick. Going against undefeated Alabama with a 14 point spread seems idiotic (remember what I said about the 14 point threshold in college football?). My brain and statistics tells me to go with Bama. But my gut tells me Huskies (maybe my heart). I’m worried most about the Bama offensive line bringing too much pressure for the Washington QB. Alabama does have the #1 defense, and they are fierce.

Ahhhh…such dilemmas.

While nearly everyone sees this game as a slam dunk for Alabama, evident in the landslide popular voting and huge spread, this game is the most difficult for me of all the 42 bowl games! I certainly don’t see this as a slam dunk.

This may have to be a gametime decision. Haha.

Update 2:

Well, the game started and I didn’t change. Score is 0-0. Go Huskies!!!!!!!