Rainbows and Fairy-tales

Today the weather is damn crazy. The rain is coming down hard, but sparsely. The high winds are driving the rain drops like pellets. The sun is also shining. The skies above are completely empty, blue; only the periphery, where the skies meet the earth, is covered with grey clouds – but not terribly fierce-some looking ones though. The wind is so fierce the raindrops are actually coming from tens of miles away, driving the droplets almost horizontally – like bugs splattering on a windshield on a long country road.

Then I saw an incredible double rainbow!! Two rainbows, stacked on top of the other. Rare. I tried to take a photo with my camera phone but the stupid thing was out of battery life. My phone is more capricious than a teenage girlfriend. Sometimes it goes from 60% battery life, to 1% – literally – instantly. It seems to depend on the weather somewhat – cold is bad for me and my phone.

Trying to describe a rainbow, or a double rainbow, is nearly impossible. Only pictures suffice – sadly. It’s like explaining color to a person who has been blind since birth.

As I was walking, I wondered about the miracle of our human eyes. I was quickly thankful for having healthy eyes. I thought about how they could have possibly “evolved”, before quickly realizing the absurdity of the idea.

You see, the human eye consists of thousands, perhaps millions of the 3 billion DNA letters. I tried to google exactly how many DNA letters define the eye. It returned nothing except stupid stuff about eye color. It turns out that even determining eye color is not as simple as I thought. The fact that Google returned nothing indicates to me that our understanding of the human eye – from a genetic standpoint and DNA – is limited at best.

Since many of these mutations must occur together (not one at a time), in specific sequence and order within the DNA, the compounded mathematical improbability of this feat is beyond the realm of the absurd. It simply can not, could not, never will, happen.

So, let’s imagine how the eye could have evolved by random evolution as the “objective scientists” have told us it must’ve happened for life to evolve. You will quickly conclude that this is about as believable as unicorns and centaurs. Nothing more than fairy-tales.

The Human Eye

Here is an excerpt from the National Keratoconus Foundation describing how the eye works, along with the human eye diagram:

“The lens focuses light through the vitreous humor, a clear gel-like substance that fills the back of the eye and supports the retina. The retina receives the image that the cornea focuses through the eye’s internal lens and transforms this image into electrical impulses that are carried by the optic nerve to the brain.”


Pretty cool stuff. We make it look so simple with fancy diagrams and labels. But how this all works is miraculous and incredible.

In my book (which is again available on this website), I describe the probability of just 5 simultaneous beneficial mutations to occurring in simple bacteria. The human DNA is much more complicated than simple bacteria, so the odds are ridiculously worse. On page 318 of Chapter 9 of Iron, Not Wood, I wrote:

“The chance of just 5 simultaneous beneficial mutations, out of 4.1 million nucleotide bases in E. coli occurring in a specific sequence is impossible (for instance, to change a simple part of one gene). The math says you have about 1 chance in 100,000,000,000,000,000,000. This is 1 chance out of 100,000 trillion. This would take 11,415,525,114,155,300 years or 11.4 trillion years; just to mutate 5 simultaneous nucleotides (assuming replications every hour).” 

That’s the definition of impossible.

But what it would take for the human eye to evolve to what it is now is much, much worse. Even more impossible. My best guess is that the human eye DNA definition consists of millions of letters, out of 3 billion total for humans. It is one of the most complex sub-systems in our body. Take a look at the eye diagram above and just absorb the complexity of it all.

Do you know how incredibly difficult it is to make high quality optics? There are VERY few high tech companies in the world who specialize in high quality optics, because it’s exceedingly difficult to manufacture. Most of these companies are in Japan, and I’ve worked with a number of them during my career in technology. Evolutionists, like every other incredible design in our universe, trivialize every one of these incredible details -as if the magic of time and chance can just perfect anything or invent anything.

Furthermore, the physical eye is useless by itself. Concurrent to all of this, the brain, the sponge of neurons and synapses, had to suddenly begin to know how to use this information – the electrical signals coming from the retina – to assemble a visual image! Then also figure out how to store and retrieve it. It’s exactly what a computer system does – a highly advanced and well thought out, and well designed, computer system that took thousands of years of human understanding and the smartest people in the world to figure out to design and manufacture. Except our body and brain does it much better and far more efficiently.

(One day I want to blog about the recombination problem of our brain’s memory storage and retrieval system. Fragments of our memories are spread across millions of locations, and yet, our brain knows precisely where to get all these bits, simultaneously, and assemble them together to reform a complete memory. Do you know how utterly incredible and mysterious this is?)

Furthermore, there are two perfectly symmetrical eyes, not one, so we can see things in 3-dimensions and perceive depth easier. So both eyeballs had to evolve concurrently. You see, replication errors in DNA, the mutation as we love to call it, happens only one little bit or DNA letter at a time – a copy error. It doesn’t accidentally screw up millions of DNA and copy an exact replica of the one eyeball, so you can suddenly have two of them. (Thank God we have two; we look better with two. Nobody likes a cyclops.) Then, the brain suddenly needs to understand how to interpret the dual electrical signal paths – one for each eye now – and then to calculate how to merge the two to form a stereo view of the world – 3 dimensions. This last step we do easily nowadays in computer software because humans use advanced mathematics and thousands of incredibly smart people worked a lot to innovate and engineer this technology. It was designed. How did the brain figure this out by itself?

You see, there are two amazing developments and paths that had to occur simultaneously: the physical evolution or mutation sequence of millions of nucleotides in our DNA, and the brain somehow figuring out how to process all of this information. And while the first path, the physical evolution of the eyeballs, is literally impossible. It is the second path, the brain understanding how to interpret and store/retrieve visual data, that is the most difficult to comprehend how it could have happened by random chance or evolution.

I liken it to the hardware and software of today’s advanced systems. They must be developed together for any system to function. The eyeballs and neurons are the hardware. The software is understanding how to interpret this visual data and the video storage functions. There is no computer system in the world that can hold a human lifetimes worth of video information. Not even close.

Both, independently, the hardware and the “software”, are, by themselves, impossible to evolve by random order. Yet, together, the fact they must evolve simultaneously, makes it impossibly impossible. I really wish you could understand the math behind this, to just show how impossible these two things happening concurrently is. I’m not talking about winning the lottery kind of impossible. This is trillions and trillions and trillions… of light-years beyond that. It’s a number that wouldn’t even fit on the longest book ever written, using all of the pages to write the digits.

You would be more wise and more right to believe in fairy-tales, and unicorns, and Santa Claus, than to believe that pure random evolution is even remotely possible.

From the first step to the last (us), it is a journey of one impossibility after another, coming to fruition only due to time and chance – as Evolutionists proclaim. (The natural selection and survivability portion doesn’t even come into play yet, since this can only be viable once the mutations have occurred. But the mere probability of the mutations themselves occurring as required is impossible.)

How Many Times In A Row Can You Win The Lottery?

The odds of winning the US Powerball Lottery is roughly 1 chance in 292,201,338 now. Let’s suppose the lottery is held once a week, every week for 75 years  – the length of your lifespan typically. And let’s suppose you were the luckiest human ever – you won every single time, each week, for 75 years straight. And it wasn’t due to cheating or some anomaly, assume the lottery was purely random. The chance of this happening is 1 chance in 8.0 x 10^31,674.

I think all of us would say it’s impossible, without cheating, or intentionally rigging/engineering the lottery system to your benefit. You would be in jail. And apart from cheating, if left to pure random order, nobody – I mean NOBODY – believes this could EVER happen. From now until a trillion trillion years from now, this could not happen.

But the mathematical truth is, this impossible number is very, very tiny compared to what I have been talking about with regard to the compounded evolutionary probability. It’s like comparing a grain of sand to the whole universe type of comparison.

This is why I say again and again, THE EXISTENCE OF GOD IS A MATHEMATICAL CERTAINTY. God exists.

Now, some may say, well, maybe it was designed by another advanced race like humans could be in a few thousand years. Perhaps so. But that still doesn’t explain how that advanced intelligence came into existence. So, at the end of the day, at the bottom of the long rope, behind all of this vast universe, a God – who’s existence is eternal and without time – exists and has always existed. It is a mathematical truism. The most certain thing in our entire universe. Perhaps the only certain thing.