God is Great; Beer is Good; and People are Crazy

This week is the National Rodeo Championships in Vegas! Always an interesting week. I’ve heard non-stop country music for days now. So much so that my ears are bleeding red, white and blue. And if you ain’t wearin’ a cowboy hat, everyone assumes you must be wonna-’em California queer folk. Yeeehaaaaw! Slap the bull on the ass and just hang on for dear life, at least 10 seconds of it. Buckin’ broncos are tough to ride. The kind of nut who thought that it’d make a good sport is missing a little something under the cowboy hat.

Well, listening to so much country music has been 99% torture and 1% occasional surprise. I rarely like country music, other than the occasional crossover country artist. But today I heard my new favorite country song, Billy Currington’s “People Are Crazy”. I love this song. Typical kind of country song. It’s now bumped Toby Keith’s, “I Love This Bar”, into a distant  second place. You can listen and watch the video in the link below. The title of my blog will make sense afterwards. Plus the lyrics ring  humorously true.


One time when I was in Sofia, Bulgaria, a couple years ago, I sang “I love this bar” at a dive that I went to often. Usually the bar was empty, except for a handful of regulars who all sat at the bar most nights, occasionally, rarely, singing a song or two, mostly on weekends. So it was a pretty tight group, to which I became a temporary, honorary member. Needless to say, country music isn’t so popular in Europe, and they had never heard Toby Keith before. They loved the song and would request that I sing it on several more occasions with great enthusiasm. Haha. It’s a fun song.

Well, yesterday I walked The Strip, something I hadn’t done for a month or so. I usually stay away from the touristy areas these days. I made my way to one of the local’s casinos and played in the free weekly football pool at the kiosk. It keeps me entertained these days, since I have little else to do. To my surprise, I won $50 dining credit at the Casino! Yeehawwww!

I thought about which one of the dozen or so restaurants I wanted to waste my voucher on. I immediately thought of having a nice juicy filet mignon at the steakhouse, a really good steakhouse. But I ultimately decided to go to the buffet. However, the buffet only cost around $15 or less, and my one-time voucher was good for $50. So, I bought dinner for a old couple, some locals, got two Dos Equis beers, and proceeded to gorge on just about everything. Four FULL plates of every food group – my elementary teachers would be proud that I remembered my nutrition lessons well. I drank my one beer, gave the other beer away to a nice Black fellow sitting next to me at the sportsbook with his girlfriend, watching the Oakland Raiders get whooped by KC – again. Some things never change.

The beer was good – delicious. It was my first in two months. But one was enough. I could’ve actually got two more for free since I hadn’t used up all my credit, but I didn’t bother.

I couldn’t have been happier yesterday. It was a good day. It’s a wonderful feeling when something so small can make us appreciate life. My, how perspective changes everything in our lives.


Just the night before, I was contemplating things and I realized I need to stop having expectations. How much disappointment in life was attributed to me expecting this or that, and it failed to materialize? I decided I would stop expecting anything – either good or bad – to just accept whatever came my way and if it was good, to thank God and be grateful. And if it was bad, just deal with it.

The next day, my attitude about everything changed. I woke up with a smile. All the suffering didn’t matter. I walked around everywhere with a smile to everyone, a bounce in my step. Then at the end of the night, I heard the song, “People are crazy” for the first time ever, and thought, geeze, I really like that song. So I downloaded it and then binged on it for a while longer, memorizing the lyrics; maybe one day I’ll sing this song.



  • I have seen countless people who will do anything for money. Literally. People all over the world, not just poor or developing countries. They sell their bodies. They sell their soul. They sell their precious time. They “sell” their families by sacrificing precious moments. They sell their lives so they can get two levels of higher luxury – a mansion, or a luxury car, a yacht.
  • I have seen countless friends and colleagues who have cheated on their wives or girlfriends. None of them seem to have a sliver of the guilt that I still carry. The truth is, virtually EVERYONE who has OPPORTUNITY, does so; especially men, partly because of our genetics. We all live a lie about love and loyalty.
  • If we all had to list 10 things that we wanted in our lives, probably 8 or 9 of them would be THINGS. A bigger house. A new car. A new iPhone. A 4K TV. A better job. And at the same time, we will all gladly acknowledge that material things don’t bring happiness.

It’s time we started discriminating based only on ONE thing – character: what each of us holds inside our hearts. It is the only think we have absolute control over and isn’t dependent on birth and genetics.