Next Generation Advanced Weapons Systems, God and Technology (Updated)

I seem to be running out of ideas to write about. Haha. (Not really). Last night I was in a strange mental place and started thinking about the future of man, after watching an episode of the new series Mars on the Discovery Channel. This quickly morphed into weapons, as I wondered if man would ever survive itself. I admit I’ve always been fascinated by weapons technology and secretly wanted to work for a defense company making bad-ass weapons, but the moral implications seemed fuzzy at best. So, I thought I would write down some invention and technology ideas I randomly came up with during this mental calisthenics.


1. Death Star Planet Destroyer

I thought about Star Wars and the Death Star weapon they had. As I thought about whether something like that would work or not, it occurred to me that it wasn’t the best method and the design seemed a bit suspicious; doubtful it would work.

First, is it possible to destroy a whole Earth sized planet? Yes, absolutely. In fact, as I thought about it, it wouldn’t even take nearly as much energy as the Death Star to accomplish this feat. Barely 12 to 24 geo-synchronized spaceships surrounding Earth, working in harmony, could easily destroy the entire planet. And they could do it using a fraction of the energy the Death Star needs.

So here’s my idea on how to destroy an Earth-sized planet, should we ever get involved in an inter-galactic war with either a former colony of man, or another alien specie.

The Death Star system is way too impractical. It requires simply too much power. Anyone who has worked with lasers – and I have, although on the commercial side, not military grade high power stuff (but the concepts and principles are all the same) – knows that developing such a high power continuous laser system is impractical; too much heat to deal with and too much power required.

A far better way to destroy a planet is described below, using multiple synchronized acoustic canons and finally a ultra-high pulsed powered laser system to create the final “kaboom”:

Use multiple spaceships, precisely positioned equidistant from each other. Each of these spaceships would employ a high powered acoustic weapons featuring a large array of smaller acoustic generators, targeting a precise location on the surface of the planet. The displacement of every acoustic generator would be synchronized to constructively combine at the point of attack on the planet- like two equal and tuned waves in the ocean combining to become twice as big. Consider this, hundreds of high power directional acoustic waves barreling down, all constructively combining at a single point, creating an intense focal point of energy destruction. This would create the effect of a earthquake sized reaction. Now consider 12-24 of these synchronized in time globally and you get a coordinated earthquake.

These acoustic weapons would be pulsed, not continuous, to reduce power. We will use the Earth’s natural resonant frequency to multiply the destructive power, minimizing the energy required. Resonant frequency systems continuously and constructively grow larger and larger until they are so unstable the implode (the wave forms keep adding and adding). Based on this resonant frequency, the acoustic weapons would pulse fire for relatively brief duration, perhaps minutes. The re-firing would commence based on the resonant frequency, repeatedly. The goal would be to coordinate all the spaceships, then to get the resonance of the Earth itself to multiple and continually grow the disruption, until it finally broke apart in massive upheaval.

Another way – using only a single ship – would be to use pulsed lasers in conjunction with this same directional acoustic weapon. The acoustic weapon would be used to soften up the earth layers, pulsing repeated, but independent of the earth’s resonance. In conjunction, once the earth has been softened or pulverized a bit, the extremely high power laser beam would alternate with the acoustic weapon. After some number of hours (depending on the power levels of the acoustic and laser weapons), the earth’s core would be reach. At this point, we would need to very rapidly heat the earth’s core to sustain an explosion of pressure. The Earth’s core is about the size of the moon and filled with molten iron. So using a single laser would be insufficient to create this pressure explosion.

What we need at this point would be an Iron (Fe) based fusion bomb. Technically, it’s possible to create fusion bombs with other elements besides Hydrogen. Elements lighter than or equal to Fe (iron) have a property where the mass of the fused atoms is slightly less than the original atoms. Since energy equals mass times the square of the speed of light, the difference in mass is therefore released as energy. Since we already have a heating element to fuse the Fe atoms together to start the chain reaction nuclear process – the high power laser beam – we can therefore, create an atomic bomb using the Fe inside the earth’s core itself! Once we unleash this Fe nuclear bomb, the interior of the earth’s core would explode into a billion bits.

This is almost maniacally genius!! IT WOULD WORK!

Anyway, check out this article about lasers. Pretty interesting. I worked on laser quite a bit (as a marketing guy) and have some patents related to laser systems. I discovered this as I was writing the article. I was curious what the highest laser power ever developed was.

2. Stealth and Cloaking Technology

Today’s stealth technology found in the most advanced fighter jets and bombers are what I consider passive cloaking technology. They don’t completely hide the airplane or ship, but rather reduce the signature of the object to radar. I started thinking about how this stealth technology must work. Most, if not all of the information is top secret and not readily available. I’ve never done any research on this topic.

Stealth technology consists of 3 parts: radar jamming and interference, radar scattering, and radar absorption. This is how I think I would design it if I were the engineer, supplied with existing technologies today. I’m using my own terminology, since I don’t know what they actually call this stuff.

Jamming and interference is fairly old school so I won’t get into that. It’s not too sophisticated.

Radar scattering entails the physical design of the object. If you look at a stealth fighter, or a the next generation stealth destroyer naval ship, you will notice similarities in the design quite readily. There are no right angles to reflect radar. Instead, there are many flat geometries, intended to redirect the incoming radar in another direction instead of reflecting back to the incoming source, which would allow for easy detection. These mechanical designs, especially of the engines, are highly classified, of course. Hundreds of billions have been spent on perfecting this mechanical technology.

Radar “absorption” is fascinating (it’s really not absorbing but merely scattering at a microscopic level). The stealth objects go through a highly classified stealth painting process. Basically, it’s the most expensive paint body shop in the world. As I think about what they must do inside that paint body shop, this is what I believe they HAVE to be doing. I’m 99% sure this must be the method they employ. It took me about 15 minutes of thinking to come to this Aha! moment:

There has to be two aspects of the absorption paint process. First, there must be multiple layers of paint coated on the stealth machine. Each is likely tuned to different frequency, meaning the chemical composition lets certain frequencies pass and others are absorbed. It’s basically a band-pass paint filter coat. Each subsequent layer uses different composition so they are tuned for different frequencies, such as infrared (IR), microwave, etc. The secret sauce of the paint must be incredibly top secret. The outer layers are likely tuned for low frequencies, all the way to the inner layer which must be tuned for the highest frequencies.

One of the means by which to implement this type of frequency absorption tuning would be to embed nano-particles into the paint. My best guess is that this is how it is done.  This came to me today, in a random aha! moment as I briefly thought about writing this today. The nano particles have to be specially designed to be of a precise size; specifically, quarter-wavelength to half-wavelength of the frequency targeted to induce scattering. Most radars today use common frequencies so the nano particles would most likely be centered near these frequencies. IR frequencies range from just past the visible color spectrum at 700 nanometers (nm) to 1 mm, corresponding to a frequency range of approximately 430 THz down to 300 GHz. That’s a wide range, which is why multiple layers must be used to target more narrow bands, using different dimensions of nano-particles.

All of these technologies together will significantly reduce the radar signature. My estimate is that it should reduce it anywhere from 90% to 99% of the original signature. That’s pretty significant, making it appear as something completely different – like a large bird or a dolphin for a ship.

I’ll talk later about methods of how to get around this stealth technology during my cloaking technology discussion below. Every technology has a theoretical weakness. But, this blog already took 1.5 hours – which is really long for me – and so I’m tired and will do this another day.

Update pending soon…

Active Cloaking Technology

Well, I was going to update this blog with all these crazy and awesome ideas I have about advanced weapons systems, until I asked the obvious question, “What the hell am I doing this for?” I actually spent about another hour thinking about how to overcome stealth technology, and had some really good ideas – such as using multiple radar systems to triangulate and use composite rendering to identify, or using angular displacement to easily overcome stealth, or using broad spectrum encoded radar signals, and more…I was even going to discuss active cloaking technology and how it could work, as well as small form factor portable rail guns – using electromagnetic energy to propel peojectiles with such speed and kinectic energy and force to destroy just about anything, at a fraction of the cost; and even more actually. Until I realized this is adding no value to the world, except to distract from my boredom.

So, this blog is terminated. If I can resist my boredom, I am hopefully done with blogging.