Nameless Face – Society’s Lost

You see me, but your eyes pass through me.

You hear me, quiet, solemn,
but your laughs drown me.
I live in the shadows of life.

I am nobody. Yet I am everybody.
Once your neighbor.
Once your friend.
Once your lover.
Once your brother; father, mother.

Fallen through the widening gaps,
aching to be forgotten.
Waiting to die; not soon enough.

Ambition replaced with sad memories.
Desire emptied, like a fallen trash can, littering.
Useless in the eyes of life.

The hollow stares,
confused between sympathy and disgust.
The half crooked false smiles,
as you quickly look away,
hide the true contempt within.

Walk by, important stranger;
forget me, as the moment before now,
for I am nobody, forgotten,
just lost on the way to work.