Eureka! I’ve Found The Answer To The Greatest Scientific Mystery: Quantum Entanglement! (Serious Scientific Blog)

This morning, after the sun rose, I started thinking about how I would create or simulate our universe without truncation error as I spoke about in the Elon Musk blog. I started thinking about how I would create a universe if I were God, starting from nothing – if it was even possible (it’s not).

I started contemplating behavioral models of basic elements, then moved onto more complex structures like plants and DNA, which is basically a read only permanent and immense memory structure, far more sophisticated than anything man has today by orders and orders of magnitude. Then, as a side note, I quickly realized that DNA code is never created, only merged during joining of the male and female X and Y chromosomes inherented from our parents, or replicated during cellular growth, with the occasional rare but intentional duplication error for adaptation, as I speak about extensively in chapter 9.

My first goal was to come up with a far more advanced memory sub-system than our current highly primitive binary memory structures we employ in all digital systems. Simulating the entire universe would require nearly infinite memory and super fast speeds, with virtually zero delay. A challenge no doubt. I imagined using polymers or elemental ionized particle growth stuctures which would provide exponential capability using exponentially encoded memory structures vs today’s binary system. I thought about how DNA encodes an immense amount of memory in a tiny form factor as a starting base point, until I quickly realized this scheme isn’t suitable for rewriteable systems as would be required. But nonetheless, a polymer based growth structure using charged particles mounted on a carbon or silicon base structure seemed plausible. Adding or removing an ionized particle from the structure would change the memory stored based on position and orientation, based on an encoding scheme that would resemble a complex enigmatic puzzle. The position and geometry of the structure would contain the efficiently encoded memory. Definitely not binary. That’s blatantly obtuse and useless.

Then my mind wandered to how these elemental behavioral models would have to be implemented – something like the number “e”, the natural logarithm constant, which is an infinite sum of a diminishing equation as I showed in an earlier blog; but an equation that could be modeled more effectively using wave theory, and hence reduce computational demands virtually infinitely. As a superposition of waves, this infinite series could be calculated almost instantly. Remember, the behavior model of a single element must take into account every single particle in the universe, diminishing in effect by 1 over the square of the distance, hence the diminishing infinite series. But this became obvious that an attenuating wave representation would make it much more functional and easier to represent, both visually and computationally.

So then this idea got me started on quantum theory – particle vs string theory. It quickly become obvious that the universe must be constructed as strings or wave theory. Then the mystery of quantum entanglement popped randomly in my head. While I paced, thinking about all this stuff for an hour, moments later I had an eureka moment! And I had to quickly write this blog on my phone before the thought would pass. This would be easier to convey and prove using equations and graphics, but this is an impossibility on my Samsung phone.

But! I figured out the mystery of quantum entanglement!! This is something that has baffled scientists, physicists, for over a century; something Einstein called “spooky”, because there could be no rational or plausible scientific explaination – and still isn’t (until now, LOL). I write about quantum entanglement in chapter 11 of my book. I was equally baffled by this curious phenomenon back then.

Quantum entangled particles can be separated by infinite distances and still somehow communicate and change states instantly when the other particle changes. Only the very specific entangled particles are affected, while all other similar particles have no idea what’s going on. This is the key to new quantum computers coming in the following decades. Or quantum based, perfectly secure point to point, instantaneous communication systems that can span the length of the entire universe, in theory. I lovingly call these entangled bits “soul-mate” particles in my book.


The process of entanglement is a process by which the affected particles, the entanglement process, is, in effect, a synchronization of frequency and phase on the particles (my theory). Using string theory, I propose that every single element, including elements of the same type, like two identical electrons or atoms, resonate as a wave at very distinct, slightly different frequncies and phase. In my book, I said I believed all elements in our universe are singularly unique, possessing slightly different properties, including for identical elements. This is because nothing in our universe is precisely duplicated. Nothing. However, during this arduous entanglement process, which I believe I mentioned in my book occurs at an interval of about 1 in 1 billion, the entangled elements become synchronized. Once synchronized, the elements can then be separated, even by infinite distances, and they will still be connected at “the hip”.

How? Why?

First, lets imagine waves being everywhere the universe is. If we use a pool of water analogy, wherever there is water, the wave is there too – but now imagine in 3-dimensional space, radiating outward, diminishing or attenuated over distance, but infinite in reach. When the Big Bang happened, consider this the equivalent of a stone dropping into a giant empty universe pool. As the universe expanded rapidly, the pool expanded concurrently and so everywhere the universe is, the wave is now there too. As the entangled particles are moved from their initial position, wherever they propogate to, the wave must be there as well now, because these “particles” are actually a wave. Because the wave is there.

Now remember, these waves are different than waves we typically think of, because they posses no mass. Even light particles – photons – posses mass due to their motion equivalent mass (a photon of light is only massless at rest), so they are limited to the speed of light that we know and can empirically measure. But let’s suppose that string theory proposes these waves are massless, and therefore, instantaneous. Propogation delays occur during the movement of the “particle” from point A to point B. Once the movement of the particles themselves are complete, they are technically at rest, possessing NO MASS with the wave joining the two synchronized entangled elements. No other elements share the exact frequency and phase that these specific particles share, and hence, can “communicate” with each other. They know what’s up with the other constantly.

Now imagine when the state of one entangled particle changes (say polarity or spin), it’s like yanking on a string with zero propagation delay. The other entangled element(s) will instantly recognize and “feel” the change and through the “force” of wave motion, will instantaneously change in tandem. Because the particles are at rest and posses no propagation delay, regardless of how far apart the elements are, the changes will be synchronized instantly.


The reason we even have this argument of whether it should be a string or particle theory is silly. It has to be string. It is also the only way God could’ve created a physical reality from nothin but energy, which is what I believe God ultimately is; a conscious and highly intelligent being based on pure energy. Again, we need to extract our way of thinking about what energy is based on how we define it as humans.

What we observe when we look at these “particles” is the crest or trough of the wave, because these are the longest duration points in the wave, hence we precieve these points as “particles”. The high slope areas, the transition regions of the wave, are much shorter and hence we can’t detect these yet, otherwise we would readily see it is indeed a wave and not a particle moving in wave-like motion.

The universe will never make full sense if we continue to assume and analyze it based on particle theory.


Einstein noted that the maximum speed of our universe is determined by a constant c, which is the speed of light, the fastest possible element in our universe. I have long speculated that this notion was wrong, and that one day, science would bear this out. I don’t believe the universe has a “speed limit”. God sure doesn’t.

Einstein’s famous equation, E = m*c^2 equates energy to mass. In order to go faster than light would cause mass to become infinite, or require infinite energy to go so fast.

But I have speculated that time is a fictitious unit, invented by man so we could comprehend this universe. Imagine if we remove the element of time and define speed differently. Today we use a simple definition, speed equals space traversed divided by the time required to do so. As Einstein’s Special Relativity showed, spacetime is one and the same, going faster than light would alter our sensation of time. It would slow it down. If we travel at infinite speed, time stands still.

But what if we defined speed another way? Perhaps based on energy. Or based on the elimination of gravity, which relates to mass. It’s mass that slows us down, not this fictious creation called time. (I know people have a hard time contemplating a universe absent of time because we are conditioned in only one way of thinking. But time is arbitrary. Really. Think outside the box and outside our human conditioning.) An object possessing no mass, even when in motion, could, in theory, travel at infinite speed. Gravity and mass are intricately related. Twice the mass equals twice the gravitational force exerted. One day we will better understand this mysterious Boson particle which controls mass much better. And one day we will better understand graviton waves which control gravity of all objects much better. If we can understand it, we can control it, modify it; and potentially overcome whatever barriers these impose, including the light speed barrier. I’m almost certain we will one day.

Gravity is supposedly determined by graviton waves. They are instantaneous. This makes sense, because wherever the universe has expanded to since the Big Bang, the gravity waves are already there, similar to the entangled particles.

If we want to defy the speed of light speed barrier, we must overcome the force of gravity. We can minimize or eliminate gravity waves by using superposition of waves. If we create a temporary graviton field, inversely proportional, or 180 degrees out of phase with the exact frequency, and precisely inverted amplitude, the net effect is zero gravity. Or the same with the Boson particle for mass. If string theory holds, these will also be wave based, just as everything in our universe must be. In this environment, we should, in theory, be able to exceed the speed of light during travel.

The problem is, a graviton wave may continues to travel, even a temporary displacement field may propagate forever, meaning it would disrupt the existing space-time gravitational forces, potentially throwing the universe and galaxies into chaos. The other problem, of course, is that to create an inverse graviton field would likely take immense energy. But still, it would be less than all the energy in the universe, as Einstein stipulated would be required for any object to move at or beyond the speed of light. I still believe Einstein was dead wrong.

The reason why Einstein was never able to develop the holy grail of scientific physics theories – The Unified Theory of Everything – is because he was still stuck in a particle theory world. And he was relentlessly confined by this idea of time affecting everything. It would’ve been impossible to derive using his methodology. We must look at the universe from a string theory perspective, which would be the two-dimensional equivalent of wave theory. And somehow, I believe we must extract ourselved from this intangible and fictitious element of time. If God isn’t affected by time, why would he create a universe so dependent on it? It doesn’t make sense. I know from the human perspective it does, and seems absolutely essential, because of our transience, experiencing the universe one rotation at a time, barely a sliver in the universe’s reality. But if we’re ever going to truly understand the universe that God designed, then we have to think more like him, extracted from our finite experience, confined by the phenomenon of time. Time is purely an artificial Newtonian physics phenomenon, which is why it seems real to us, because we move at very slow pace. Newtonian physics only applies for large objects and slow speeds – but it is not accurate, except for this tiny sliver and condition of reality in our universe.

Of course, I didn’t sleep a wink last night because it was so damn cold. Maybe this is delusional crap. But I strongly doubt it.

Just because Relativity is the gospel today doesn’t mean it is absolutely universal gospel or truth. The only way to truly and acurately understand this universe is to try to think more like God, less like us.

Man, I really should’ve pursued Ph.D’s in physics and mathematics. Maybe I would’ve done something more substantive in this world, instead of just engineering and marketing, making money for large corporations. What a waste.