Some Really Great Articles From Both Sides

Hindsight is always 20-20, as long as we’re honest with ourselves. This blog will indeed be my last about the election, because it’s time to move on for all sides – to more important things, like real life.

These are the best articles I’ve read today (links below) regarding the election. They are from the Left and the Right. And I thought they were worth reading, to finally put this emotionally wrenching election behind us, to stop being so divisive about politics, and to get back to everyone being Americans, and even more importantly, human beings. We’re all the same.

We focus on labels too much these days. Labels separate and divide. They make us lazy, not allowing ourselves to think for ourselves, pre-judging others before we even give them a chance to help us form a genuine opinion about them.

Politics isn’t real life. It’s important to not lose sight of this.

Anyway, below are some very good and insightful articles. These authors say it better than I could or did. Some, such as Robert Reich, a glowing liberal and Democrat, is someone I rarely agree with, but he nailed it on the head with this one. Both parties have lost their way.

Everyone will remember this election for the rest of our lives. And a decade or more from now, it will become clear that it changed America in fundamental ways, and not necessarily because of Trump’s policies or words, but because it was the day, perhaps, that the people were finally heard – by the media, as Will Rahn notes below, as well the Establishment. And if both the Republican and Democratic parties, the establishment, listen, then perhaps our nation can start moving again in the right direction, focusing on the people, instead of corporations or wealthy elites. After all, that’s the point of a democracy.

God bless America. I hope both the Democrats and Republican parties can heal, learn, and grow from this. We need both to refocus on the people and be strong. A single party dominated system is good for nobody.

Robert Reich

Kirsten Powers

Will Rahn

Scott Adams (Dilbert)