We’ve all heard this phrase before, “The end justifies the means”. But what exactly does this mean? This phrase simply states that if the end goal is noble and right, how we achieve the goal doesn’t matter, even if it is immoral, illegal, selfish, and otherwise commonly viewed as wrong. The ultimate noble goal, or end, erases any and all sins.

This philosophy is a slippery slope, that morphs onto a slippery trail, that merges into a slippery road, that connects to a slippery highway, on the expressway to hell. As the old adage goes, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”.

The Clinton’s epitomize this phrase. Hillary seems to live by this as her personal mantra.

If you’re voting today, then you need to read this, if you have the stomach for the gut wrenching truth. I suppose most Hillary supporters don’t care, and they will go on just voting for her regardingless, because, well, the end justifies the means, and surely the dreaded end outcome of Trump winning justifies any and all wrongs.

Let’s be clear and upfront about my intentions and leanings. I hate the Republican party. I hate the Democrats too. I think today’s politics is lined with evil doers on all sides. But the Clinton’s take it to an entirely new level, unprecedented in American politics. They make Al Capone and John Gotti look like amateurs. After reading this you will understand what I mean.

The Clintons ARE evil. And I will show why with facts.

Trump may be selfish, self-absorbed, petty, attention-seeking, greedy, tasteless, idiotic at times, and more, but I wouldn’t use the term evil to describe him. Neither would I say Obama or Bush were evil, despite disagreeing with both presidents on many policy positions.

The number of scandals involving Hillary and the Clintons is unprecedented. They just keep piling up. Actually, they are far more than scandals, they are criminal acts, blatant disregard for the common rule of law, and flat out disgusting. Evil. The latest email scandal is just the tip of the iceberg:

– To date there have been 46 Clinton associates and political enemies that have died under mysterious circumstances. Forty-Six. If there was a scandal, something the Clintons were being investigated for, a critical associate with specific relevant knowledge surprisingly ended up dead numerous times. Political enemies suddenly found dead. They weren’t due to old age. And nobody can have that many suicidal friends or associates. One or two is coincidence. 46 is something far more sinister. The latest was just this past year when the lead attorney for the anti-Clinton DNC fraud investigation was mysteriously found dead several months ago. Last year there was Walter Scheib, a former chef in the Clinton white house…all the way back to deputy White House counsel Vincent Foster’s death during the Whitewater scandal. Many people surrounding this crime went to jail, but never the Clintons. The list goes on and on. People seem to wind up dead when they know too much information, open their mouths to the wrong people, or affiliate with the Clintons.

– In addition to the mysterious deaths, at least 45 people affiliated with the Clintons have gone to jail – White House staff, Cabinet members, and people from the Justice Department. Real crimes were committed, but the Clintons always escaped. Not once or twice, but often, repeatedly.

– When the Clinton’s vacated the White House, it is commonly known they looted the house for nearly $200,000 – furniture, gifts which were supposed to stay in the White House, and much more. What kind of president and First Lady does this shit?

– Yesterday I read that Hillary routinely asked her household maid to print out confidential emails and sensitive information on their home computer. This was part of the leaked emails. She had no security clearance. Not surprising. Hillary thinks she is not just above the law, but outside it too. People go to jail all the time for this type of wreckless mishandling of state secrets.

– You can read a much more complete list by clicking on these links:

The Clintons should be in jail for murder, grand theft, intimidating witnesses, extortion, mishandling of classified and state secrets, accepting bribes, illegal use of IRS resources, exchanging political favors while in key positions of power for money, treason, lying under sworn oath, accepting bribes, insider trading, and so much more. The list never ends. Their crimes and sins never end.

We never hear about this shit from news media. It’s intentionally covered up by editors and powerful media moguls who own these news sources. Why?

The Clintons are the darlings of media and the liberal establishment. Because they are viewed as the saviors of the modern Democratic party. Back in the early 90s, after the Reagan revolution, it was commonly thought that the Democratic party was doomed and might never win another presidential election for decades. Then the gift of Ross Perot propelled this seemingly affable and charming Bill Clinton into the oval office. The Clintons became instant worldwide stars, adored by Hollywood celebs, liberal elites globally, and, of course, the heavily left leaning media. They were, and still are, the glamour family of the Democratic party. Political aristocracy. The modern day Kennedys. So the media never exercised any true impartiality, nor responsibly pursued misproprieties, and instead, thwarted, covered up, protected the Clintons for decades. And still do.

But it’s always about money and power with the Clintons. This is the epitome of evil. And it is all justified by the fact that they believe they are doing so much “good”, implementing good policy for the American people, making the world better. At least in their eyes.

The end justifies the means in the world of the Clintons.

How can anyone, in good conscience, vote for a monster like that? Does the end justify the means for you too? If so, then you are complicit in the evil as well, having the knowledge and still consciously deciding to elect someone with this much evil within, well, I think it’s unforgivable.

If this blog is offensive to you, perhaps you should ask yourself why.

There is only ONE family in American politics – on both sides of the aisle – that I label as pure evil. The Clintons.

God help us all and have mercy on your souls too of you can support this kind of evil.

The ends NEVER justify the means.