My Favorite Travel Photos

I used to love to take still photos of landscapes and things that caught my eye. I preferred nature over people. Below are some of my favorite photos taken during my travels over the course of my life, each with a special memory; a timeless still capsule of a single frame in our lives. Flawlessly captured, the emotions and sensations automatically bonded together simply through instant recollection.

Below is a photos taken from the island of Hvar, just off the coast of Croatia. The 13th century fort is a good hike up the mountain but worth the effort. I climbed out onto the massive canon to capture this beautiful scenery (you’re not supposed to).



Just warm memories from Cabo, Mexico. Beautiful beach.


From my ex-girlfriend’s mother’s garden. I also put this photo on the back cover of my book. I love this soft and beautiful photo.


From Louisiana. One of my favorite memories and sunsets.


My all time favorite sunset in Honolulu, Hawaii. One of the greatest moments of my life, shortly after our marriage.


Well, I hope you enjoyed them. Most likely this will be my last blog. I have nothing more interesting to say. Perhaps I never did.


May you find your peace.

May your jar be filled with content.

And may your table host a never ending feast of life’s flavorful riches.