Chapter 9: The Perfect Symphony

I recently watched the movie “The Martian”, starring Matt Damon. Really great movie. Pretty realistic as far as sci-fi movies go.

But the whole time I’m watching the movie and trying to focus on the Damon character, who becomes stranded on Mars all alone, I’m thinking to myself, “My God! There’s nothing to burn on that God-forsaken planet! Camping there would really suck!”

It’s true. Not a damn thing to burn. Nothing but red dirt and CO2 in the atmosphere. There’s not even hardly any oxygen, O2, in the air to burn anything! What a miserable place!

You see, everything we have here on our beautiful Earth is because of life, carbon based life. Everything we eat for energy, what we burn to create fuel or keep us warm on campfire nights, it’s all because of life. Without it, there’s nothing to even burn! We can’t survive a day without all the other forms of life here supporting us.

But mars was perfect for evolution to spawn life, according to science. But it didn’t happen. No traces of life anywhere, despite remnants of vast oceans and large water bodies long ago. There’s no plausible reason evolutionists can explain away why only Earth and not Mars.

My answer? Because Earth is probably the only planet in the entire universe with life. Because it was designed this way as I discuss in great detail in chapter 9.

Below is the link to the PDF of chapter 9 of Iron, not Wood.