The Essence of Love (Iron, not Wood excerpt)

The text below is one of my favorite excerpts from Chapter 12: Love, the Eternal Quest (Iron, not Wood). My apologies, but sometimes the formatting on mobile devices kinda stinks so I recommend reading on a PC. And yes, I’ve finally started writing using a PC instead of doing everything on my smart phone!


The Essence of Love

All bodies in the universe are bound by the laws of attraction, of two
halves blending to become whole. From gravity, the law of massive
objects, bound together through distance and time; to molecules and
subatomic particles tightly coupled by nuclear forces, in an eternal
bond that never wavers and never decays; two disparate chemical
elements reacting together to become a final and stable compound
that can finally be molded into usefulness.

Love binds it all together, the glue that adheres meaning and
substance to our lives, overpowering mere existence.

Love is the universal truth.

Love is the only substance that can exist in all places, and in all
bodies, all at once; it is a formation based on the basic property of
intrinsic attraction within our universe,
within each of us.

It is an immutable coupling energy.

But unlike the physical realities of our universe, like energy and matter,
love can be created; love can be destroyed; and one can output
disproportionately more than one receives. And it this
dis-proportionality that is the basis of happiness, an elusive state few
truly ever discover, as we are all selfish beings based on a universal
law that objects of mass and density will always attract inward.

Love is the most elemental thing in the universe, but one that defies
all the laws of creation, with the power to heal and transform
without limits.

It is the fountain of youth, the gift of eternal life; it is the magical
elixir, the medicinal substance that can cure any of humanity’s ills;
it is the purpose of creation, the purpose of life.

Love is counter-intuitive, defying the zero-sum theory of our world:
the more you give away, the more you will retain.

And it is, singly, the greatest mystery of all.