The Best Coffee In Santa Barbara

Usually I get a cup or two of coffee in the morning at the Santa Barbara Roasting Company. It’s better than Starbucks or Peet’s here in town.


The coffee beans are roasted fresh daily every morning! And the smell of roasting coffee beans just enhances the aroma of the place. Few things smell as enticing as a thick air of fresh roasting beans.


And no, this gentleman isn’t Juan Valdez of Columbia, perhaps the most famous coffee bean expert in Columbia. Sorry to disappoint everyone, but Juan isn’t a real character, despite what the once popular coffee commercials would indicate.

The machine below is the roaster. Ever day they roast at least 8 different coffee beans from all over the world. Below in you can see the unroasted coffee beans. I’ve never seen raw beans before.

20160817_092119 20160817_092023

SBRC has a nice selection of coffees brewed fresh with unlimited refills – not that it’s recommended to drink more than a couple.

Today, there was a cute girl with a dog sitting outside the coffee shop. She had a small bulldog looking dog with a pudgy snout. As I set my coffee down on the ground to take the photo above, I stared it cold in the eyes and told the dog, “Don’t drink my coffee!” Literally, the second I set it down, the cute dog lunged forward, pulling the heavy metal bench he was tied to about two feet, as if it understood exactly what I said. The girl and I laughed.

The coffee is so delicious that even dogs can’t resist the smell of some fresh brew. Mmmmmmm.