Another Day In Paradise

Every day I can’t believe how amazing Santa Barbara is. It really is paradise.

Today I went to the beach and walked on the pier. The pier is one of the few that allows cars. Tons of cars drive on the left side and thousands of tourists walk along the right side. The views of the beach and Pacific are stunning from the pier.




It is also the only pier I’ve seen in America that doesn’t have a guard rail. At the long end of the pier you will see a bunch of folks with fishing poles casting into the water. Occasionally, someone will decide to dive off into the water for fun.




While I was walking along State Street downtown this morning, looking for a bike lock, since I got a new bike – a beach cruiser – after my last one was stolen as I wrote, I made a new friend below!


This little bird was amazing! The owner, a girl who was sitting outside at a cafe just enjoying the perfect weather, had trained this bird so well. It was untethered and just sat there people watching, while perched on the coffee table. It climbed onto my hand and it was so gentle and sweet. I loved this bird!!

Yesterday I discovered the oldest fig tree in North America! It’s 140 years old and huuuuge! Below is the interesting story of the Morton Bay Fig tree, which is a little known city landmark.



If you climb up along Cliff drive, where the Santa Barbara City College is located, you will see spectacular vistas of the beach and ocean.



Hard not to smile when you’re surrounded by all of this every single day.