Independence Day: Resurgence Movie Review


If you want to have some brainless fun entertainment for a couple hours, Independence Day: Resurgence is the right movie for you! I personally love brainless sci-fi action movies. You just have to hold yourself back from critiquing it too much, because it’s easy to do. Just watch it for entertainment value. In this light, I liked the movie a lot. (I admit I watched it on a website that streams newly released movies for free! Shame on me!)

The original Independence Day movie was released 20 years ago. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long, because they play the movie every year so much around the 4th of July. Hell, even other countries replay the movie on their own Independence Day holidays as I’ve come to discover in the past 2 years of travel.

The movie timeline actually mirrors the real-life timeline. In the aftermath of the first alien invasion and near extermination of humans, the world has come together in order to defend against a collective enemy. Due to reverse engineering of alien technology, humans have made exponential leaps in technology. Earth has been preparing 20 years for the inevitable day when the aliens would surely return. And boy do they!

The second time around, the aliens are, not surprisingly, pissed as hell. We discover in the movie that this alien species is the giant bully of the universe, destroying planets and civilizations across many galaxies in order to expand and fuel their endless need for energy and raw materials. And they have never been defeated, at least not the Queen Bee mother ships (apparently there are many motherships with different Queen Bees), since the ugly bastards live and organize similar to a bee hive with one main entity controlling everything.

Twenty years later, as the world is celebrating the anniversary of the first victory, the aliens come back. This time, the spaceship is incomprehensibly huge, spanning 3,000 miles in diameter! As wide as the Atlantic Ocean!! It looks like certain defeat for the humans, of course. Earth is in some deep doo-doo! But! not shockingly, the humans prevail. I doubt I ruined anyone’s suspense on that one.

The story is almost a retread of the first movie. The final rallying point where the counter attack is launched is again the notorious Area 51, located in the Nevada desert.

Of course the visual effects are amazing, and the alien mothership was pretty bad-ass. It was almost an entire planet sized ship, with its own eco-system inside the ship for the aliens to live and thrive.

And in the end, the movie rehashes the same theme of human resolve ultimately finding a will and a way to always prevail. It’s a brainless feel good, rah rah for humanity kind of movie. Even when we’re faced with insurmountable odds and an impossible-to-defeat-enemy, human ingenuity always compensates for our inferior and “primitive” technological disadvantage. Even when humans are inferior, we always have to believe we are somehow better than everyone else, and still remain, the top dog in the universe. Typical human thinking bullshit.

But! I did like the move purely as an entertaining Sci-Fi flick, despite the 100,000% fictitious and impossible to believe story.

And, I suppose, in another 20 years, the third movie of the series will come out. The movie almost sets it up to make it practically inevitable. The next time, the humans are going lead a coalition of the universe, aided by an exterminated but technologically superior specie that once fought- and lost – the war against these exact aliens. Obviously they didn’t have the winning ingredient of human resolve and ingenuity! LOL.

Let’s call this next sequel a redux of the Iraq war but in outer space, in a galaxy far, far away. America and Earth leading a coalition of the willing. (Except the analogy would be the Iraqis, the inferior species, winning.) And the best part is, we’re taking the fight to them, aided by the help of the destoyed advance civilization. Apparently one entity survived. The last of its kind.

Hell, everyone knows the best defense is a good offense! And yes, it will be at least 2 more hours of more brainless entertainment too.