What Are We?

What are we?

Are we merely microscopic bricks and “mud”, held together by invisible bonds?

Are we an empty shell, organic substance filling a mortar, waiting to be ground into fine dust?

What makes us dream and imagine, comprehend and confuse?

What makes us cry, and laugh, fear and love?

What are we?

What makes me breath, to sigh, to yearn, to wanna forget, to get lost in memories?

What drives us to desire to be understood, to connect, to be close to another?

What are we?

Are we truly nothing more than trillions of organic bits, held together by time, born of random luck?

Are we just an accident?

Is this all just fantasy, unreal, merely a passing sensation?

‘Though thoughts may pass, it seems something always lingers; like a residue, a reminder that this abstract substance, this fleeting thought, once occupied.

And although we can only grasp and feel what we can see and touch, it seems to be so much more to all of this.

I cannot quantify it. I cannot describe. I cannot understand it. And I certainly cannot prove it. But neither can you disprove it.

Admittedly, it is wrapped in a blanket of doubt. Shrouded in mystery. Veiled in secrecy. Blind to the naked eye.

And yet, at the core of it all, behind the lingering negative thoughts, a quiet confidence, that steadily beats like a murmuring heart, tells me there is something more.

What are we?