Daryl’s Awesome Technology Invention Ideas (Update 2)

Throughout my life I’ve always had a unique ability to come up with all kinds of inventive ideas. Many of them I would later see become reality years later.

I actually have 7 approved patents but they’re all work related.

So, I thought I would document some of my ideas I came up with while sitting on the toilet. It’s where a lot of my great ideas and theories are born. And where I often write my blogs on my phone. Shit doesn’t always have to be bad.

1. Shoes with built in energy generation.

We can easily convert kinetic energy to storable electronic energy. Imagine how much force (energy) is applied at the sole of your feet. And the constant kinetic energy expended by your body. Why waste this? Convert it to usable energy for our wearable electronics.

Start a new revolutionary technology shoe company. Give Nike and Adidas a run for their money. Pun intended.

Now, a skeptic could ask, “Ok, genius” (he says sarcastically), “how do you get the power to your devices?” Well, a tiny hidden connector with thin retractable cable could be used to charge the mobile device or wearable anytime or anywhere. Built into the shoes would be a lightweight polymer based capacitive energy storage system. Furthermore, a thin flexible polymer conductive material could distribute the energy through the pants and clothing.

This is pretty simple technology. It could be commercialized in a year or two.

2. New type of clothing based on synthetic fabrics which can be electrically manipulated and are still comfortable.

Imagine being able to hang out in zero temperature using only a t-shirt thick clothes. No more thick layers of clothes or heavy coats. Imagine how much lighter your baggage will be on trips.

The same shirts and pants can be worn in very hot or very cold weather.

In hot weather, we could control the porosity of the fabric to allow more body heat to escape. And during cold weather, we control the material to behave as a super-duper insulator, trapping all body heat far more efficiently than any passive clothing. New electrically conductive non-metallic materials are being invented and discovered all the time.

These electronic micro-fibers could be incredibly low energy, manipulated using microscopic ionized embedded polymers, controlled by flipping electrical polarity, like an array of bits to control porosity. It wouldn’t be active power, since we’re merely changing polarity density of the ionized polymers at slow and specific intervals, based on slow moving ambient temperature. So ultra low power. We could generate the electrical power from the kinetic body motion converter embedded within the clothing.

3. Modularized rooftop and external wall housing panels with solar panels built in. This wouldn’t just be a plain vanilla solar panel.

Make houses cheaper and easier to build, and completely energy independent as the norm. The fully self contained panels would be scalable by connecting others adjacent to it. The inner part would include capacitive structures for inherent energy storage (large battery). The outer panel cover would be protected / covered with plastics / polymers which could electrical control which light frequencies would be opaque (reflected back) versus absorbed, so in theory you could change the wall or rooftop to be seen as any color. This reduces some solar conversion efficiency, but must be a practical tradeoff for aesthetics.

The inner capacitive structures would contain vacuum isolation to improve energy storage efficiency, as well as better home insulation capability – reducing the overall housing energy needs. This would provide far better thermal isolation and insulation than today’s techniques of using glass insulators which are very inefficient and wasteful.

4. Variable laser based super fast and energy efficient oven.

I was sitting on the coach watching TV when I saw an oven commercial with a beautiful cooked golden turkey sitting inside the oven a few minutes ago.

First, it made me hungry. Then an idea popped into my head for a new generation of ovens. Better than microwave which dehydrates the cooked food.

Using a variable medium powered scanning infrared laser, we cook the turkey in minutes, without dehydration. We could even put a completely frozen turkey into the laser oven and it will cook it perfectly, to the exact temperature specification requested, consistent throughout!

Infrared lasers can target specific temperatures depending on the frequency. It can penetrate skin and tissue. So in theory it could warm up the inner part of a partially frozen turkey more than the outer portions.

As the laser scans the turkey, varying the frequency based on a separate low power infrared temperature laser probe feedback, synchronize with the higher power cooking laser, it will thoroughly cook the turkey or any other uncovered food in the oven.

When you put the food or turkey in the oven, it will first do a complete 3-dimensional laser scan and show a graphic of the exact turkey, with temperature color coded display. It will update this image as the turkey is cooked. And when it fully reaches your desired temperature, it will be shown fully in the color you choose (indicating it’s finished)!

This is fricking awesome!!!

It’s healthier than conventional ovens. It’s tastier than a microwave oven, since it won’t dehydrate your food. And it’s much faster than both! Plus it will be lower power than both as well!!!!!!!!!

Holy turkey! This is gold.

Really! This would work!!


I will append this blog with more new ideas next time I go to the toilet. Literally. I’m not joking.

I don’t do any research on any of these ideas to validate feasible. I just use common sense and my existing knowledge. I’m pretty sure they’re all technically viable.