Michigan v Michigan State Game Literally Gave Me a Heart Attack



If Jesus came back in the rapture, I would have been less shocked than what transpired yesterday in Michigan.

Michigan led the entire game, for 59 minutes and 50 seconds. With 10 seconds to go in the game, all they had to do was punt the ball away about 90 yards from the oppondent’s endzone, and the victory was assured. I was so confident the game had been won, I turned away from my ESPN gamecast app. Mildly happy of the win, despite being closer than I expected.

When I checked back an hour later to check other scores, I couldn’t believe what I saw, Michigan lost? How the hell could that happen with 10 seconds to go? Hell, it takes longer than that to unzip my pants when I go to the toilet. How could Michigan State score and win??

Well they did. In the most unlikely of plays: A muffed hike, a mishandled football, a fumble, and somehow a recovery and run-back by the Spartans for a touchdown.

Well, in the game of football, anything is possible I guess. The impossible is literally possible. But somehow never for my teams!

As I showed at the start, the finish literally gave a Michigan fan a heart attack . I hope he pulls through. Even God couldn’t be that cruel to cast insult to injury, or rather injury to insult.

But in any case, miracles can and do happen! We witnessed it yesterday. Apparently, God is a Spartan fan. Harbaugh better start taking Sunday’s off to head to church if he wants a few favors returned.