Discrimination and Racism

As long as mankind exists, we will always discriminate, always be somewhat racist, sexist, and more. It’s the most human of our flaws – the need for superiority; the need for self worth and validation. It always comes at the expense of another, because of our social metric system.

Truly self-confident people aren’t racist or sexist. They derive their confidence and affirmation from within. Those who lack substantive confidence, seek it from others, from society, and by elevating oneself arbitrarily over another based on color, attractiveness, athletic superiority, intellect, money, or the hundreds of other silly metrics we use to derive value for ourselves. 

People all say we are equal, but nobody actually believes it. It’s the difference between theory and practical reality – they are usually worlds apart.

If we could stand back for a moment, observe and think objectively, there are only two types of characteristics – one which is innate and what we are born with and everything else that we can learn or become.

The things we are born with are the things that we shouldn’t discriminate against; people can’t help if their ugly, short, dumb, black or brown or yellow, male or female; whether you have thick thighs or puny sticks, slender fingers or fat ugly ones is all based on genetics. Many (definitely not all) gays are genetically dispositioned this way as well.

We scream about discrimination against race; and we should! It’s deplorable. But, objectively speaking, a white girl who was born as ugly as sin will have far worse emotional trauma in her life than a black man who has endured racism in America.

She will have more difficulties making friends. She will have less success in business or her career, statistically. She will have fewer boyfriends, perhaps none. She will have poor self-confidence. She will have a very difficult life. This is fact. 

People will make fun of her. Joke about her behind her back, especially in grade school. Children are not as innocent as we make them out to be. They can be the cruelest of people sometimes.

No! I never had these problems, for those thinking this is some poor self-documentary of social injustice. 

I think it’s silly that we make racial discrimination so socially deplorable, but other rampant social discrimination for genetic realities that we also cannot control, we simply ignore. They have the same effect. And the root cause of the injustice is basically the same, as mentioned. 

It’s completely arbitrary to pick color over say beauty. Discrimination against beauty is less overt, sure. But the point being, all these are social injustices. 

Yes racism is wrong. Yes discrimination against ugly or short or bald people is wrong – even though we all do it. 

Sadly, I joke about these people too; and all men crack jokes about an ugly girl. It seems funny at the time, but to what end or purpose does this serve, other than temporary amusement at the extreme pain of another? 

Human beings – including myself – can be unbearably cruel without reason or purpose. It’s really sad when you sit back and think about it. As we get older, we become a little more polished and less offensive; more understanding of the impact of our words and actions. 

It’s true that specific and direct words can destroy a person. We should be more measured. 

Having said all that, both sides bear responsibility. A victim is only a victim if they choose to allow it.

Blacks, or whomever, can complain about racism, but seriously, stop bitching about it and begin acting like civilized people. Commit fewer crimes; don’t loot and vandalized your own damn city. Take control of your own life and stop bitching like a bunch of poor victims. Life is unfair and shit sometimes. But it doesn’t give anyone the right to exercise violence against other innocent people.

Being Black is no worse than being ugly from a discriminatory standpoint. (OMG I can imagine the media and PC police thinking, “Did he say being Black is the same as being ugly?” O.G.F.Y.)

Shit, nearly every day I experience racism or meet racist small minded assholes everywhere I go. Sometimes I feel like breaking their kneecaps. But I don’t. I brush it off. I don’t let anyone walk all over me, but sometimes we have to let things go. 

We all need to stop expecting life is fair or perfect. The only guarantee is that life will be unfair.  Deal with it.

The sooner we accept this – the better your life will turn out. I promise you that. Whether your Black or Brown, fat or skinny, tall or short, beautiful or ugly, smart or stupid, the sooner we just accept what we are, the better your life will be. That is the only certainly there is.

Your life may not be as great as a supermodel in terms of glamour; but then again, prancing around and others valuing you simply because of your superficial looks is hardly something to be proud of.

Everybody has something good and positive to love about them. And likewise, we all have something ugly and deplorable to hate about ourselves. Nobody’s perfect.