The End of Common Sense

I watched the movie “Terminator Genesys” last night, starring our beloved aged “but not obsolete” Arnold Schwarzenegger. Bluntly speaking, it kinda stunk. It was a desperate money grab to capitalize on the highly successful Terminator brand, but with a poor story and even more desperate attempt to blend sci-fi entertainment with real science. It just seemed the writers had run out of good ideas, rehashing the same story sliced in a different way using a blunt butter knife. But it was still nice to see Schwarzenegger on the big screen in a warmer version of his bionic self.

Let me first say, this blog is not a movie review but merely an intro because it is somewhat relevant to my discussion today.

I’m really tired of the sci-fi movies all fixating so much on time travel. Reality check: time travel is pure fiction, not just science fiction. We have to blame our beloved Einstein for this deluge of bad time travel sci-fi flicks that have inundated our heads with the notion that nothing is fixed in stone – not even stone – because time can be manipulated like water or malleable metals.

It’s impossible. End of story. Full stop.

The idea of time travel as a possibility is predicated on the idea that the speed of light is the universe’s speed limit, and if we somehow break this speed limit, we can move in time. First, as I’ve wrote in previous blogs, “c” is not the speed limit of our universe. How this idea became so perverted to embrace time travel as we have is beyond me.

If time travel were true, the circularity of time would collapse reality. It wouldn’t exist at all.

Let’s play a hypothetical. Imagine how life first started. Let’s imagine it’s still a mystery. But yet it happened – somehow. Then, billions of years later man discovered time travel and went back in time and sowed the seeds that spawned evolution itself. In other words, man created the seeds of biological life that eventually spawned all life and man himself. This circularity of time travel not only permits this, but also ensures it is a certainty because man could travel back to before the first biological organisms existed, even before the Big Bang theoretically.

The basic law of our universe is that nothing is created nor destroyed, merely reallocated to different form. Energy, matter, time (if it were real and quantifiable), whatever.

First of all, I’ve postulated that time is an illusion as I’ve written previously and in my book. The idea of time travel and the future being expanded in an infinitely stretching time domain means we are violating this basic law of our universe, creating something more out of nothing. Just as space cannot expand further; only exist as it always has in compliance with the conservation principle of our universe, so too is time. And this bubble called spacetime exists as a singularity. Just as you cannot create more space, one cannot create time extending into the past or the future – only the present exists as a fleeting point.

Time merely exists as an instantaneous point, fleeting. The past, present, and future simultaneously co-exist but we merely refer to it as the present; that which we can observe in our limited observation. I’m merely saying they are the same, equal. And as stated previously, the chronology of events as we need to use to define our existence is born out of our limitations to observe the reality which encapsulates us, not the fundamental reality itself.

The moment the present happens, it disappears. The future is the present, instantaneously. Time travel is an impossibility, although it is nice thing to imagine so we can undo the mistakes of our past or relive the glory of past days.

Time travel will never happen. If it ever could – even a million years from now – it would be obvious throughout time and history. There would be no debate about it because it would just be obvious throughout time. If it’s possible, it would be impossible to prevent everyone from doing it eventually. Remember, time means nothing if time travel is real, so even if it was a billion years later it wouldn’t matter.

I could spend thousands of pages expounding on this, but why? It’s wasted digital ink. Time travel cannot and never will happen. Full stop.

Remember the basic rules of the universe and life. All things boil down to simplicity. Not complexity. Time travel and its implication is the definition of unbounded complexity.

Now on to the more important lessons of life and living.