Virgins and the Immaculate [invertebrate] Conception

Well what can I say? Our world never ceases to surprise or amaze me anymore. I better get my pants on for this blog post because it’s a little more serious than yesterday’s comments about transsexual Hollywood celebs and basketball.

Recently, 7 different sawfish in Florida became the first to ever reproduce in the wild without sexual reproduction! Consider that! Animals that normally reproduce by sexually mating with another somehow managed to pull this one off all by themselves.  The gang of seven sawfish chicks!  I guess this should give hope and solace to the millions of lesbians in the world. Besides, I can’t judge them because, frankly, most men are often total douchebags (including myself sometimes, regrettably).

But now I have to admit, the immaculate conception of the Virgin Mary seems just a little bit less ridiculous.  Perhaps the Holy Ghost wanted to make a messianic sawfish to save the invertebrate souls.  The Lord works in mysterious ways indeed. I suppose this Sawfish Jesus wouldn’t turn water into wine, but perhaps lakes and rivers into  salt water. Human beings might be f**.

Ok, all you religious faithful, lighten up and don’t take everything so seriously! Hell, I think even God might have found that to be slightly amusing.  He probably just shook his massive head with a little smirk on his face, indicating “that was a really lame joke Daryl.”

You can check out the full article in the BBC link below.  You really should watch the video of these sawfish. I’ve never seen one before but these are supa’ badass! I think the inventor of the chainsaw must’ve been inspired by these bad boys (err, girl sawfish that hate males).

I think the real story here is that scary looking snouts with massive looking saw teeth are a bit frightening and not inducive to sexual attraction. Hell, the female sawfish were probably terrified at the thought of making love. Seriously, after looking at the video I was just baffled how two mates would have sex to begin with.  Sometimes, size does matter; because sometimes, it’s just downright scary… “get that saw-snout away from me! I have a snout-ache and I’m tired honey. Goto sleep.”